Retrat de Sergio Fajardo © Santiago Sepúlveda
“I don’t believe in the politicians that say: ‘I do what the people want’”

Sergio Fajardo

Not affiliated with any of the traditional parties, he became mayor of Medellín in 2004 leading a citizen movement and completely renewed a city that had entered a...

Il·lustració d'un megàfon
Digital cityFrom smart city to democratic city

The adjective 'smart' is very much in vogue. It represents the idea that cities can be more intelligent and efficient thanks to technology, and the data that they and...

Il·lustració d'una fila de persones agafant cada una amb les mans el cap de qui té davant
Digital cityThe ecosystem of knowledge as a common asset

Urban environments are characterised by the opportunities they offer to think of a political culture where shared knowledge assets can be managed jointly by different...

Il·lustració d'una moto

Often the things we will remember all our lives creep up on us like that, halfway between the murmur of intuition and the yearning of a wish. There was a time when I...

Fotograma del film 'Human Flow' del director Ai Weiwei
View from the heights

It is always possible for anyone, even a "great" artist to address others or represent them visually without viewing them "from on high". This is not the case in ...

Un home resa en un oratori islàmic © Eva Parey
Coexistence, yes; mosque…, no?

The opening of an Islamic prayer hall in Carrer del Japó, in the Prosperitat neighbourhood, has been fraught with tension because of the residents’ opposition to this...

Precarious employment and the generation gap in culture

The 2008 crisis was devastating for culture. Cutbacks left many projects without funding and public services had to reduce or freeze hiring. Precarious...


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Torre de Collserola. Fotògraf: Gunnar Knetchel

Gunnar Knetchel - Revista Barcelona Metròpolis 110

Gunnar Knechtel

Kelkheim, Alemania, 24 of September of 1970. Gunnar Knechtel has lived in Barcelona for 18 years, producing photo essays for international media such as Stern, Spiegel, The Guardian Weekend, Observer, Fortune and Bloomberg.

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‘BCN DOL. L’atemptat 17.08.2017’

Exhibitions. A display of 21 photographs of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils in 2017.

From 12/02/2019 to 24/04/2019
Jardins del Palau Robert

Debates on the right to the city

Debates. The debates are intended to expand the debate on exercising the right to citizenship in the neighbourhoods.

From 21/02/2019 to 28/03/2019
Casino Mercantil El Bolsin

‘Six literature legends: unfaithful continuities’

Debates. The Institut d’Humanitats is offering the seminar cycle ‘Flexo. Sis mites en la literatura: les continuïtats infidels’.

From 22/10/2018 to 22/05/2019
Institut d'Humanitats

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