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A new energy model for the cityEnergy, the agent of change for cities in the 21st century

The city, as a great guzzler of energy produced outside its borders, is committed to an energy transition that will allow for its decarbonisation. The first pillar is...

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A new energy model for the cityPerceptions and conflicts surrounding energy use

Besides energy prices, one of the main public concerns, there is another unresolved issue: the opposition generated by the location of energy infrastructures,...

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A new energy model for the cityAccelerate the transition to a new energy model

We are beginning to see results after 30 years of policies to reduce emissions. Fossil fuel disinvestment is a...

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A new energy model for the cityThe city and the challenge of a just transition

Energy is a right. Although local government does not have powers in the major domains of energy...

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A new energy model for the cityPublic electricity suppliers, a new tool for energy change

Faced with the current situation of soaring energy prices, cooperative and public electricity suppliers can contribute enormously to the energy transition to bring...

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A new energy model for the cityThe end of the era of abundance

The economic, social and political model developed over the last 150 years simply cannot be sustained for physical...

The struggle surrounding street and square names in democratic Barcelona

The changes made to the names of the city’s streets and squares are a reflection of each municipal mandate. By action or omission, the names of streets and squares...

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook. City diplomacy in times of conflict

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook’s academic and professional career is in the purest Atlanticist tradition. Specialising in the interface between foreign policy and cities,...

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Gosh, walking all the way up is tiring, isn’t it?

I can picture you coming here, to Montjuïc, to Miró’s mountain and the Font del Gat fountain and cruising, in...


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Jordi Barreras. Already But Not Yet.
  • Portrait of Jordi Barreras

    Jordi Barreras

    (Barcelona, 1977). He has worked as a photojournalist for several newspapers and currently lives in London, where he has published the photobook Already But Not Yet (Punctum Press, 2020). 

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