Illustration © Mariona Cabassa
Birth rate crisis and family diversityFacilitating parenthood

Barcelona has one of the lowest fertility rates globally, yet boasts one of the highest life expectancies. This reality carries profound demographic, social...

Two young people chat while eating at one of the available tables on the Clariana de les Glòries lawn. © Images Barcelona / Àlex Losada
School, family and social networks. Who is educating our children?

Education is a collective endeavour; we all play a role in shaping the minds of children, serving as their unwitting role models. The responsibility for a...

Gent passejant pel carrer Pi i Maragall. ©Laura Guerrero
What are the people of Barcelona like, how do they live and what do they think?

Barcelona is experiencing growth (1.3% in the last year), driven by immigration (31% of registered residents born abroad, representing 177 nationalities), and...

© Miguel Ángel Chazo / Sitges Film Festival
“Every time I begin a project, I also embark on a journey”

J. A. Bayona

This interview took some time to come together, and that’s not surprising. J. A. Bayona is a prolific filmmaker, possibly the most renowned Catalan director...

Illustration ©Mariona Cabassa
The void in Barcelona

Barely a year had passed since the Olympic Games and finding a job was already tough. I was discussing the matter with the girl behind me in the queue at the...

Peix blau, a piece created in 1998. Photo: André Morin and Amassagou, 1995. Photo: David Bonet. © Miquel Barceló, VEGAP, Barcelona, 2024
La Pedrera showcases Barceló’s ceràmics

Miquel Barceló (Felanitx, 1957) is primarily known for his bold and powerful painting, characterised by overflowing materiality and significant value in the...


The city in images, seen through the eyes of a photographer.

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© Roc Isern Una dona passa davant les façanes geomètriques dels set pisos d'un hotel.
  • Roc Isern

    (Barcelona, 1973). A technical architect by profession, he has seamlessly blended this vocation with his passion for photography, creating a synergy of disciplines that allows him to explore artistic and creative expression. 


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Presentació del llibre 'Jordi Sabater Pi. L'últim naturalista' amb Toni Pou i Miqui Otero

Llibre. Presentació de 'Jordi Sabater Pi. L'últim naturalista' amb Toni Pou i Miqui Otero

Llibreria Altaïr

‘Photography for artists. The collection of the illustrator Josep Lluís Pellicer’

Photography. A selection of 170 photos from the thousand or so images that the painter and draughtsman collected during his professional career.

From 23/11/2023 to 19/05/2024
Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona - Sala d'Exposicions

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