Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelOne Planet, One Health – Connected through Biodiversity

The coronavirus health emergency has made us see that the planet’s health and our health are inseparable. We must deglobalise the food system that is driving climate...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelAdvantages and possibilities of organic farming

Agri-food systems underpinned by the principles of ecological farming continue to grow far and wide across the planet, and 186 countries already implement...

Retrat de Mónica Rikić © Mariona Gil Sala
“We can decide a lot more things about technology than what we are led to believe”

Mónica Rikić

When we hear the word ‘coder’, a young engineer swaying dangerously close to sociopathy comes to mind, obsessed with becoming the new Mark Zuckerberg. Mónica Rikić (...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelSitopia: Rethinking Our Lives Through Food

We live in a world shaped by food; a place the author calls sitopia, or ‘food-place’. By valuing food and giving communities control over their land, we could...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelFood for a good life

Today’s food system – the way we produce, process, distribute, sell and consume food and manage its waste – spawns disease, inequality and poverty, and harms the...

Retrat de Jordi Savall © Martí Petit
“Music is the most spiritual of all the arts”

Jordi Savall

Having turned eighty on 1 August, Jordi Savall tells us about his past and his life and professional career as a world viola da gamba virtuoso and orchestra conductor...


The city in images, seen through the eyes of a photographer.

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Dues nenes juguen al marge del riu Besòs. Al fons, el barri de Singuerlín de Santa Coloma de Gramenet. © Joan Guerrero
  • Retrat de Joan Guerrero

    Joan Guerrero

    Joan Guerrero (Tarifa, 1940). Photojournalist, author of a dozen books and featured in more than 50 exhibitions, he has worked for the newspapers El País, Diario de Barcelona, El Periódico de Catalunya, El Observador and Grama. He has...


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‘La Capella: 600 years in El Raval’

Exhibitions. The history of this exhibition room since it started being used as a chapel in 1440.

Permanent event
La Capella

‘Do you work or design?’

Exhibitions. ‘Do you work or design? New visual communication. 1980-2003’ is the new exhibition at the Museu del Disseny.

Permanent event
Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

‘A short century’

Exhibitions. A chronological tour through the MACBA collection from 1929 through to the present day.

Permanent event
Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

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