Il·lustració. © Susana Blasco
An uncertain futureThe future is not set in stone

Crises are occurring one after the other and the turmoil they cause is hitting us harder and harder. People are beginning to realise that the wellbeing we enjoy may...

Il·lustració. © Susana Blasco / Descalza
An uncertain futureWho cares about the world? On the power of responsibility

Singer and Harari discuss how individual responsibility towards others and the planet should be exercised. To accomplish collective goals such as the fight against...

Il·lustració. © Susana Blasco / Descalza
An uncertain futureThe irrelevance of truth

History has shown that power owes less to knowledge and the defence of truth than to the actual possibility of shaping and imposing a discourse. The real...

Retrat d'Antoni Vila Casas © Flaminia Pelazzi
“The spirit of patronage has been very much lost, and that saddens me”

Antoni Vila Casas

Antoni Vila Casas (Barcelona, 1930) has long donated part of his fortune to philanthropic projects. The foundation he set up has two directions: in the social...

Il·lustració. © Susana Blasco / Descalza
An uncertain futureWhich future for democratic politics

We are up against a crisis of neoliberal hegemony that could pave the way for authoritarian governments, but that can also present the opportunity to restore and...

Guixetes per recollir comandes fetes a Amazon a l’estació de plaça Catalunya dels Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat. © Dani Codina
Amazon, the super-termite

Fulfillment: America in the Shadow of Amazon is the result of a decade of research by journalist Alec MacGillis on the effects...

Il·lustració. © Susana Blasco / Descalza
An uncertain futureWho writes the rules of the capitalist game?

The capitalist game is about employing a social resource – the legal system – for private gain. It is played in the service of private actors, but the decisive actors...

Il·lustració. © Susana Blasco / Descalza
An uncertain future'Ok, doomer'. Climate anxiety and imaginaries of collapse

The collective expression of fear turns individual anxiety into collective paralysis, and, as far as the climate crisis is concerned, this is the fastest and surest...


The city in images, seen through the eyes of a photographer.

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© Tanit Plana. Retrat d'adolescent amb uns cascos penjats al coll, faldilla curta i samarreta de tirants, amb les tres xemeneies de Sant Adrià de Besós al fons.
  • Retrat de Tanit Plana

    Tanit Plana

    (Barcelona, 1975). Some of her work can be found in the National Photography Plan Collection, in the CA2M contemporary art museum in the Community of Madrid, in the French Ministry of Culture’s National Contemporary Art Collection and at the MACBA [Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art]. 


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The singularity of ‘Common Objects’

Exhibitions. Common objects. Local stories, global discussions.

Permanent event
Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

Permanent collection from MEAM

Exhibitions. An opportunity for discovering the best contemporary figurative art at the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern.

Permanent event
Museu Europeu d'Art Modern

Exposició 'Oscar Tusquets. Cossos, ciutats, natures mortes (Una antològica, 1972-2022)'

Exposicions. A través de les seves vistes de ciutats, cases, jardins, interiors, nus, bodegons, retrats i autoretrats, Oscar Tusquets desafia qualsevol pretext i s’erigeix en un ferm defensor del sentit de la pintura figurativa en un moment en què molts en certifiquen la defunció.

From 21/10/2022 to 15/01/2023
Fundació Privada Vila Casas - Espais Volart

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