Llibre: El carrer Montcada, Albert García Espuche
500 years of life on Carrer Montcada

In La gent del carrer Montcada [The People of Montcada Street], Albert Garcia Espuche reflects five hundred years of life on one of Barcelona’s most iconic...

Llibre: Barcelona: títol provisional. Un viatge literari per la ciutat, Andreu Gomila i Diego Piccininno
Authors who make the city pulsate

Barcelona: títol provisional [Barcelona: Working Title] is a journey through contemporary Barcelona by means of its writers. Andreu Gomila and Diego...

Retrat de Belén Funes © Curro Palacios Taberner
“I wanted to show the Barcelona of those who have a harder time of it”

Belén Funes

Belén Funes is a film director. Her first film, La hija de un ladrón (A Thief’s Daughter), has garnered, among other accolades, the Goya Award for Best New...

Diverses famílies participen en un taller de dibuix. © Marc Gómez
Experiencing culture

Participar en la vida cultural va més Engaging in cultural life goes beyond attending any of the paying or free activities that the city offers. The Barcelona...

Il·lustració © Laura Borràs Dalmau
The city after the pandemicThe new city emerging: a public health perspective

The spring of 2020 will be remembered as the spring of Covid-19, a time that has forced us to stop, to take preventive measures and to live alone in a connected world...

Il·lustració © Laura Borràs Dalmau
The city after the pandemicWhat will the world be like after the crisis?

The coronavirus crisis will not mean the end of globalisation or of European integration, but an incentive to configure them differently. In the wake of crises there...

Il·lustració © Laura Borràs Dalmau
The city after the pandemicUrban planning and architecture for a new normality

It is at times of crisis that today’s deficiencies and challenges become increasingly apparent. Fortunately, future priorities may also come out stronger. The Covid-...

Il·lustració © Laura Borràs Dalmau
The city after the pandemicThe contradictions of an undecided democracy

The reaction that countries have in the wake of the coronavirus crisis will reveal a great deal about the sort of democracy they have. Weak democracies will repeal...

Il·lustració © Laura Borràs Dalmau
The city after the pandemicLow-intensity neo-fascism, for the time being

The lessons of history do not immunise us against fascism. The collective experience of the pandemic we are experiencing, with a stunned and shocked society,...

Il·lustració © Laura Borràs Dalmau
The city after the pandemicAntivirals for the new political times

The coronavirus pandemic, despite the economic impact that many predict, will not generate a widespread crisis of disaffection such as the one triggered by the Great...


The city in images, seen through the eyes of a photographer.

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“1946-1947 Barcelona - Mont-roig - Karachi”

Exhibitions. Joaquim Gomis’s post-war photos in scenes he shared with Miró.

From 14/07/2020 to 10/01/2021
Museu - Fundació Joan Miró

‘Clotilde Cerdà/Esmeralda Cervantes, a woman ahead of her time’

Exhibitions. Discover the artist, daughter of the urban planner Idelfons Cerdà, who championed the rights of working-class women.

From 20/07/2020 to 04/10/2020
Palau Robert - Centre d'Informació de Catalunya

‘Memories of the artistic Barcelona of a century ago’

Exhibitions. Selection of images and documents from the personal archive of Frederic Marès.

From 01/07/2020 to 30/09/2020
Museu Frederic Marès

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