Il·lustració © Sonia Alins
Investments and reforms

A decade after the economic recession became a global financial crisis. Two sectors are an example thereof, namely, research and audiovisual production, which in the...

Il·lustració © Sonia Alins
New vulnerabilitiesThe precariousness of the privileged

They are privileged, but they live in precarious circumstances. They are those who do not have job security or economic stability, and rely on their vocation when...

Il·lustració © Sonia Alins
New vulnerabilitiesBetween political exclusion and populist mobilisation

In the post-crisis years, the obscene concentration of wealth has given rise to increasingly serious cases of exclusion and social vulnerability. This situation...

Il·lustració © Sonia Alins
New vulnerabilitiesVulnerable and demodernising futures

The weak post-crisis recovery has left a polarised scenario in its wake, with an evident impoverishment of the middle and working classes. Digitisation will continue...

Il·lustració © Sonia Alins
New vulnerabilitiesVulnerable beings, violated lives

Western industrial culture has accomplished major achievements in recent centuries, such as finding the cure to many once-fatal diseases or the sharp rise in life...


The city in images, seen through the eyes of a photographer.

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L'ombra de tres persones que duen paraigües reflectida sobre un terra de marbre. © Sergi Capellas
  • Sergi Capellas

    Sergi Capellas

    Rubí, 1958. Director and photographer. He is one of the founders of RCR Films, a leading production company with which he was associated until its sale in 2017. He currently works as a freelancer all over the world, through different agencies. 



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