Exposició: La vaga de la Canadenca, Museu d'Història de Catalunya © Goroka
The eight-hour day, a triumph of the workers’ struggle

Barcelona’s labour mobilisation began in the early 20th century to tackle the living conditions endured by the working class. To mark the centenary of the...

Exposició: Gameplay. Cultura del videojoc, DHUB
An exhibition for playing

Set up as a video game, the exhibition Gameplay takes us a journey through the history of video games, understanding how their language works and analysing...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapThe broken elevator

Something is happening in global society. Citizens today are showing, with social unrest in many parts of the world, a palpable discontent after many years of...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapWhen stability seems utopian

In recent decades, job insecurity has taken root in society and affects younger generations in particular. The delay in gaining access to decent employment postpones...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapThe generational shadow makes its presence felt

Forty years since the transition to democracy, the generational makeup of our society is changing. The children of that era already comprise half of the population...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapYoung people doing politics differently

It has often been said that young people are not interested in politics. There is evidence that points to the contrary and that shows that interest in politics is not...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapThe policies sought by the new generations

The design of the current welfare state and the social and economic reality facing young people today suggest that their demands will be more of a qualitative (a...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapYoung people’s consumption and the climate crisis

Something is changing in young people’s consumption habits. The current economic situation of precariousness and the evidence of the climate crisis have heightened...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapYoung women, between inequality and empowerment

Young people are dominating new discourses on gender and challenging much of the discrimination, contempt and violence that older generations had systematised....

Un moment de l’espectacle de dansa i poesia visual #14::SKYLINE_EXTENDED:: creat per Kònic Thtr. © Kònic Thtr
The digital arts, a field open to creation

From the art world, new technologies —and especially present-day digital technologies— have always been a field for research and experimentation, as well as for...

Inauguració de l'espai familiar 'De 0 a 3 anys' a Vil·la Urània, un equipament municipal del districte de Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. © Goroka.
Enrolment of children under three

In Barcelona, only four out of 10 children between infancy and the age of two are enrolled in school. Education at this stage is a mechanism for equalising...


The city in images, seen through the eyes of a photographer.

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Marea Verde Barcelona és un col·lectiu en defensa de l’avortament legal, segur i gratuït, que denuncia les dificultats i l’estigmatització que encara hi ha a l’hora d’interrompre l’embaràs. A la imatge, una manifestació del col·lectiu l’any 2018.
  • Retrat de Pilar Aymerich

    Pilar Aymerich

    Barcelona, 1943. Having studied theatre direction at the Adrià Gual School of Dramatic Art, she trained as a photojournalist in London and Paris. 



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‘The World of Banksy. The Immersive Experience’

Exhibitions. This anonymous artist is a legendary street art maestro.

From 25/02/2020 to 31/12/2020
Espacio Trafalgar


Exhibitions. Barbara Hammer documented lesbian and feminist dissent from the end of the 1960s onwards.

From 14/03/2020 to 27/09/2020
La Virreina Centre de la Imatge

‘Objects of Desire’

Exhibitions. The relationship and exchange between surrealism and design.

From 28/02/2020 to 07/06/2020
CaixaForum Centre Social i Cultural

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