Illustration ©Rebeka Elizegi
The city of five millionA more complex metropolis

Until now, we have conceived and managed Barcelona’s vast metropolis as an urban conglomerate, bringing together the 36 municipalities of the metropolitan area. However, it’s...

Illustration ©Rebeka Elizegi
The city of five millionBlurscape. The push and pull of sprawl

Despite its history of compact cities, Europe has evolved into a continent of sprawling urban landscapes,...

Illustration ©Rebeka Elizegi
The city of five millionThe future will be suburban

La suburbanització dels Estats Units, que ha estat continuada des de la fi de la Segona Guerra Mundial, s’ha...

The city of five millionResidential segregation: three key insights

Individuals’ economic status is reflected in the city through the phenomenon of residential segregation. This...

The city of five millionFrom cities to rural areas: A growing phenomenon

The Barcelona metropolitan region is undergoing a phase of counterurbanisation. While urban-to-rural...

Illustration ©Rebeka Elizegi
The city of five millionThe taken city

Urban spaces have evolved from being hubs for living, socialising and hosting activities to becoming...

© Albert Armengol
“The left has many believers, but few practitioners”

Francesc Escribano

Francesc Escribano is a journalist with the soul of an anthropologist. In his youth, he grappled with choosing between these two professions, and over time,...

Illustration ©Rebeka Elizegi
Other people’s affairs

When she gets home, it’s half past eight in the evening. She sets down the grocery bags – long handle adorned with Modernist iron filigree. Such porosity,...

Chef Jordi Vilà accompanied by the head chefs of Alkimia, Cristina Beired and Marcos Valyi. © Joan Pujol Creus for the Alkimia restaurant
The legacy of Ferran Adrià. Is Barcelona a culinary capital?

On 28 November, at a gala hosted in Barcelona, the restaurant Disfrutar, established by Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas, achieved the...

An establishment in La Dreta de l'Eixample, its signage in English, mixes languages deliberately. © Frederic Camallonga
A city void of language?

As the new century unfolds, the capital of Catalonia finds itself noticeably shedding the most defining aspect of its identity: its language. Increasingly...


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  • Anna Surinyach

    (Barcelona, 1985). Journalist and documentary photographer, her work focuses on documenting population movements and human rights-related issues worldwide. She is the co-founder and graphic editor of Revista 5W


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Architecture Weeks 2024

Architecture. Exhibitions, competitions, awards, discussions, guided tours, celebrations and much more for everybody in all city districts.

From 14/05/2024 to 28/06/2024
Diferents espais i equipaments de Barcelona

‘Suburbia. Building an American dream’

Urban planning and social policies. The exhibition traces the cultural history of the ideal of life of the American dream and analyses the validity and the most controversial aspects of this urbanistic model.

From 20/03/2024 to 08/09/2024
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona - Sala d'Exposicions

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