Il·lustració. © Laura Wätcher
Digital dividesSupporting digitalisation

More and more aspects of life rely on digital skills. We now know that guaranteeing internet access with high-speed networks does not suffice. Added to the social,...

Il·lustració. © Laura Watcher
Digital dividesIt’s not a divide, it’s a chasm

Fulfilling fundamental rights such as employment, training, health and citizen participation calls for access to a high-speed connection and advanced digital...

Barcelona Metròpolis 123 - Bretxes digitals
Digital dividesTowards a new era with no digital exclusions

The usual factors of inequality that have always existed (social class, age, gender, education, environment) determine not only access, but also the capacity to...

Barcelona Metròpolis 123 - Bretxes digitals
Digital dividesThe FinTech gap is not a “senior citizen” issue

Senior citizens are among the groups most affected by unequal access to and use of digital financial and banking tools, but they are not the only one. Basic...

Il·lustració. © Laura Watcher
Digital dividesDigital partners: benefits of intergenerational learning

The population’s digitalisation does not take place at the same pace for everyone: young people are better able to acquire digital skills than older people....

Il·lustració. © Laura Watcher
Digital dividesInvisible barriers to education

The digital divide extends beyond access to technologies and basic knowledge of how they work. The most invisible divide concerns uses. Education in digitisation must...

Barcelona Metròpolis 123 - Bretxes digitals
Digital dividesMunicipal policies for digital inclusion

Faced with the need to leave no one behind, cities are giving impetus to projects that advocate for digital inclusion, facilitating access to new technologies...


The city in images, seen through the eyes of a photographer.

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Ucraïna. Evacuació de civils a la ciutat d’Irpín després de l’entrada de soldats russos. Ucraïna recupera el control de la ciutat a finals del mes de març (13 de març del 2022). © Ricardo Garcia Vilanova
  • Retrat de Ricardo Garcia Vilanova

    Ricardo Garcia Vilanova

    Barcelona, 1971. Freelance photojournalist for over 20 years, he has covered war zones and humanitarian crises, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Haiti and Ukraine. 


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"La ciutat davant la càmera. Imaginaris urbans al s.XIX” (The City in Front of the Camera. Urban Imaginaries in the 19th Century.”

Historic Photography. The arrival of photography in Barcelona in 1839 coincided with a process of profound urban transformation in the city.

From 17/06/2022 to 23/10/2022
Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona

The singularity of ‘Common Objects’

Exhibitions. Common objects. Local stories, global discussions.

Permanent event
Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

Permanent collection from MEAM

Exhibitions. An opportunity for discovering the best contemporary figurative art at the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern.

Permanent event
Museu Europeu d'Art Modern

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