Retrat de Bruce Katz. © Marc Javierre
Bruce Katz. Networked cities and urban leadership in the face of global challenges

Bruce Katz defines himself as an interdisciplinary urban planner, and is a great advocate of cities’ problem-solving capacity in the face of today’s global challenges...

Retrat de Carme Pinós © Martí Petit
‘Most architects are not the elite or complicit in property speculation’

Carme Pinós

Carme Pinós is a truly trail-blazing architect. In 1991, she founded her own practice in a field where women were the exception, and after countless obstacles and...

Il·lustració. © Margarita Castaño
The city of careThe ethics and economics of care

Increases in life expectancy, changes in reproductive trends and the evolution of the family structure have intensified demand for care here in Catalonia, and a...

Il·lustració. © Margarita Castaño
The city of careFrom the superblock to the Vila Veïna: towards a social city model

The Vila Veïna municipal initiative was created with a view to building environments where care takes place as part of a community, rather than individually. Vila...

Il·lustració. © Margarita Castaño
The city of careReflections on Care and Social Justice

Care is a relational practice that involves those who give it and those who receive it and includes both the right to be cared for and the right to care. As work on...

Il·lustració. © Maria Contreras Coll
The city of careThe ethics of care

Everyone has the right to be cared for and everyone has a duty to care. Care has become a basic need that must be covered not just by the family, but also by public...

Il·lustració © Margarita Castaño
The city of careCare and the post-pandemic economy

The two latest crises of capitalism – that of 2008 and the Covid-19 crisis – have highlighted the importance of care and the urgent need to transform the economic...

Un agent de la Guàrdia Urbana aplaudeix els paradistes del Mercat d’Hostafrancs, que també li estan fent un reconeixement. © Ajuntament de Barcelona / Isaac Planella
How can we deal with a complex emergency?

The health and social emergency triggered by the COVID-19 crisis has represented a major challenge for municipal government administration in Barcelona. The City...

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