Captura de pantalla de la pàgina Barcelona Dades
The Barcelona Datastore portal

On 12 February, the new Barcelona Datastore portal went live, offering a tool to analyse and understand the city. It was launched against the backdrop of society’s rapid...

Portal Barcelona Dades
Insights into Barcelona Datastore

A sea of information

The portal Barcelona Datastore features an enormous amount of records, approaching 20 million, partly inherited from the websites it replaces...

The former Mercat del Peix will be transformed into a research and innovation facility, focused on precision medicine, biodiversity and planetary well-being, next to the Ciutadella campus of Pompeu Fabra University. © Mirag_ZGF Architects_Double Twist
La Ciutadella Knowledge Hub, Barcelona’s new scientific venture

An excavator now dominates the site. In one corner of the plot, which was a market for decades and has served as a car park for years, just a few metres from the zoo, a sign sums...

Rehearsal session of Ràdio Barcelona’s radio drama group in 1962. © Arxiu Fotogràfic de Ràdio Barcelona - Cadena SER
They were there too

In 2024, we commemorate the centenary of the birth of Spain’s first radio station, Ràdio Barcelona. Many women have played significant roles in this illustrious history, striving...

Randi Williams visited Barcelona to participate in the STEAMConf Barcelona 2024. Among other topics, she discussed how to democratise access to artificial intelligence through education. © Santiago Sepúlveda
You too can be Randi Williams

Randi Williams is a researcher and educator, specialising in robotics. She is also a humanist and a community leader. Her work focuses on integrating ethics into artificial...

Aerial view of the port of Barcelona, where the Sant Bertran pier's sheds will soon integrate into the Blue Tech Port business and research hub. © Port de Barcelona
The future of Barcelona’s blue economy

The term “blue economy” goes beyond nautical activities and their associated industry. The concept also encompasses fishing, tourism and hospitality, as well as the movement of...

Image of a composer robot generated through the Midjourney AI system.
Disruptive technologies, intellectual property and image rights

Disruptive technologies are a driver of change and progress in today’s society, but they also pose significant legal challenges in the realm of intellectual property, image...

Co(AI)xistenceis a video installation by Justine Emard with Mirai Moriyama & Alter, developed by the lshiguro Lab at Osaka University and the Ikegami Lab at the University of Tokyo. © Justine Emard / Adagp, París 2018
Living with AI

Under the banner of artificial intelligence, the world is being reconstructed on the basis of neurons, memories, imagination and thoughts, but also chips, databases,...

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