An establishment in La Dreta de l'Eixample, its signage in English, mixes languages deliberately. © Frederic Camallonga
A city void of language?

As the new century unfolds, the capital of Catalonia finds itself noticeably shedding the most defining aspect of its identity: its language. Increasingly...

© Pere Virgili
In memoriam. Joan Anton Benach, journalist and cultural force

He liked to be defined as a journalist. And a theatre critic too. I’ve known him for so long that I don’t remember how we met. What I do remember are some of...

© Eugènia Güell
“A museum should have the capacity to stimulate political and social discourse through its content”

Imma Prieto

Imma Prieto (Vilafranca del Penedès, 1975) has embarked on her role as head of the Fundació Tàpies much like when she was appointed director of Es Baluard...

© Albert Armengol
“The left has many believers, but few practitioners”

Francesc Escribano

Francesc Escribano is a journalist with the soul of an anthropologist. In his youth, he grappled with choosing between these two professions, and over time,...

Gent passejant pel carrer Pi i Maragall. ©Laura Guerrero
What are the people of Barcelona like, how do they live and what do they think?

Barcelona is experiencing growth (1.3% in the last year), driven by immigration (31% of registered residents born abroad, representing 177 nationalities), and...

Image of a composer robot generated through the Midjourney AI system.
Disruptive technologies, intellectual property and image rights

Disruptive technologies are a driver of change and progress in today’s society, but they also pose significant legal challenges in the realm of intellectual...

Construction workers’ demonstration descending Carrer de Ferran in 1976. © Pilar Aymerich
When time makes its presence felt

Can a memoir be written in pictures? On flicking though and reading La Barcelona de Pilar Aymerich [Pilar Aymerich’s Barcelona], the answer is a...

© Miguel Ángel Chazo / Sitges Film Festival
“Every time I begin a project, I also embark on a journey”

J. A. Bayona

This interview took some time to come together, and that’s not surprising. J. A. Bayona is a prolific filmmaker, possibly the most renowned Catalan director...

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