She holds a Degree in History and Anthropology from the University of Barcelona, a Master’s in Journalism and Communication Sciences Research from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where she has also lectured in the Faculty of Information Sciences.

Altés has worked as a journalist in radio, press and magazines, researching the representation of women and gender in the media – a topic on which she has published several books, such as Dones a les ones [Women on the Waves] (Pagès Editors, 2021). She has curated and/or documented exhibitions on women in sports, the transition in Catalonia and women’s presence in radio. In addition, she served as the curator for the Centenary of Victòria Pujolar Amat, the travelling exhibition and the biography Victòria, la irreductible [Victòria, the Irreducible]. In 2022, she curated the exhibition Maria Matilde Almendros: una veu i dues passions [Maria Matilde Almendros: One Voice and Two Passions]. Currently, she leads the research space Dones a les ones and the project Banc de veus [Voice Bank] on female radio broadcasters in Catalonia.

Articles by Elvira Altés

Construction workers’ demonstration descending Carrer de Ferran in 1976. © Pilar Aymerich
When time makes its presence felt

Can a memoir be written in pictures? On flicking though and reading La Barcelona de Pilar Aymerich [Pilar Aymerich’s Barcelona], the answer is a...

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