An establishment in La Dreta de l'Eixample, its signage in English, mixes languages deliberately. © Frederic Camallonga
A city void of language?

As the new century unfolds, the capital of Catalonia finds itself noticeably shedding the most defining aspect of its identity: its language. Increasingly...

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Barcelona, as seen by Picasso

Here was “where it all began… Where I realised my potential”, Picasso confessed about Barcelona, the city he arrived in aboard a freighter called the Cabo...

Visit to the Ethnological Museum's reserves during the spring of 2023 with artist Agnes Essonti to choose the objects she would use. © Rosa Lleó
Incantations against the whiteness of the cube

Picture yourself stepping into an exhibition that, rather than drawing from the conventional history of its discipline, draws upon all those subversive...

© Eugènia Güell
“A museum should have the capacity to stimulate political and social discourse through its content”

Imma Prieto

Imma Prieto (Vilafranca del Penedès, 1975) has embarked on her role as head of the Fundació Tàpies much like when she was appointed director of Es Baluard...

Chef Jordi Vilà accompanied by the head chefs of Alkimia, Cristina Beired and Marcos Valyi. © Joan Pujol Creus for the Alkimia restaurant
The legacy of Ferran Adrià. Is Barcelona a culinary capital?

On 28 November, at a gala hosted in Barcelona, the restaurant Disfrutar, established by Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas, achieved the...

© Albert Armengol
“The left has many believers, but few practitioners”

Francesc Escribano

Francesc Escribano is a journalist with the soul of an anthropologist. In his youth, he grappled with choosing between these two professions, and over time,...

Two visitors observing Roman remains while listening to the audio guide at the Barcelona History Museum. © Imatges Barcelona / Paola de Grenet
The MUHBA undergoes expansion, beckoning reflection on the city’s history

The Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA) commemorates 80 years of igniting a fascination for contemporary Barcelona, expanding its reach to various locations...

Illustration ©Mariona Cabassa
The void in Barcelona

Barely a year had passed since the Olympic Games and finding a job was already tough. I was discussing the matter with the girl behind me in the queue at the...

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