Vista aèria del Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona i gratacels del tram final de la Diagonal. © Ajuntament de Barcelona /  TAVISA
Barcelona, collective talent to drive an upturn

Barcelona is a city that is resilient, open and permeable to change. It has been so in its 2,000-year history, tackling every crisis with innovation, connectivity and...

Il·lustració © Enrique Flores
Tackling climate emergencyA zero waste society

In Barcelona, in 2019, almost 800,000 tonnes of waste were generated. Awareness of the waste we generate can move us to action. Big cities must pave the way for a...

Il·lustració © Enrique Flores
Tackling climate emergencyPublic transport, a clean and efficient mobility alternative

People need to move to interact with one another, to go to work, to study or to shop, to enjoy leisure time or to socialise and be with family and friends. In...

La tradición cosmopolita. Un noble e imperfecto ideal, Martha Nussbaum. Paidós, 2020
The dignity of being citizens of the world

Nussbaum traces the genealogy of the cosmopolitan tradition, which is rooted in the response given by Diogenes the Cynic when asked where he was from, to which he...

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Open city. The challenges of the futureHow can Vox be defined? Five pointers for its interpretation

Vox’s electoral ups and downs indicate that its base is not as solid as it seems. This party, based on a vertical structure, limited ideological theorisation and high...

Retrat de Carme Portaceli. © Clara Soler Chopo
“It is through the heart that the viewer’s mind is turned upside down”

Carme Portaceli

Carme Portaceli is to be the forthcoming director of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya [TNC, the National Theatre of Catalonia], making her the first woman to run the...

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Open city. The challenges of the futureUltra rhetoric

Ultra rhetoric is a new reincarnation of sophist rhetoric. It places fake news – a technological version of classic fallacies – at the heart of its communications...

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Open city. The challenges of the futureThe far right and authoritarian populism, challenges for liberal democracy

The surfacing of far-right or so-called “authoritarian populist” political parties in the United States and in some parts of Europe seems to be contradictory, as they...

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