El Carmel is one of the neighbourhoods where a wastewater study has been carried out, revealing insights into its residents' habits. © Dani Codina
SCOREwater, the insights hidden within the sewers

Wastewater reflects our habits: when we wake up or go to sleep, when we go on holiday, and even the medications we consume. The peaks in water elimination...

Illustration ©Rebeka Elizegi
Other people’s affairs

When she gets home, it’s half past eight in the evening. She sets down the grocery bags – long handle adorned with Modernist iron filigree. Such porosity,...

Illustration © Mariona Cabassa
Birth rate crisis and family diversityFacilitating parenthood

Barcelona has one of the lowest fertility rates globally, yet boasts one of the highest life expectancies. This reality carries profound demographic, social and economic...

Illustration ©Mariona Cabassa
Birth rate crisis and family diversityEvolving fatherhoods: Men on a journey of transformation

The redefinition of fatherhood opens up optimistic possibilities but raises some questions. Why do men...

Il·lustració ©Mariona Cabassa
Birth rate crisis and family diversityThe emotional roots of the birth rate crisis

The current birth rate crisis is linked to something deeper than cultural or sociological aspects. It is...

Illustration ©Mariona Cabassa
Birth rate crisis and family diversityRecognising and integrating family diversity

So-called “new families” are not truly new; they have always existed. Flexible family arrangements and...

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