Retrat de Milagros Pérez Oliva


She is director of Barcelona Metròpolis and a member of the editorial team for El País newspaper.

Articles by Milagros Pérez Oliva

Illustration ©Rebeka Elizegi
La ciutat dels cinc milionsUna metròpoli més complexa

Fins ara hem pensat i gestionat la gran metròpoli de Barcelona com una conglomeració urbana que aplega els 36 municipis de l’àrea metropolitana. Però fa temps que la ciutat real...

Illustration ©Rebeka Elizegi
The city of five millionA more complex metropolis

Until now, we have conceived and managed Barcelona’s vast metropolis as an urban conglomerate, bringing together the 36 municipalities of the metropolitan area. However, it’s...

Illustration ©Rebeka Elizegi
La ciudad de los cinco millonesUna metrópolis más compleja

Hasta ahora hemos pensado y gestionado la gran metrópolis de Barcelona como una conglomeración urbana que reúne a los 36 municipios del área metropolitana. Pero hace tiempo que...

Illustration © Mariona Cabassa
Birth rate crisis and family diversityFacilitating parenthood

Barcelona has one of the lowest fertility rates globally, yet boasts one of the highest life expectancies. This reality carries profound demographic, social and economic...

Illustration © Cinta Fosch
The social divides of the housing crisisGuaranteeing housing: a metropolitan challenge

Barcelona has always been a welcoming and appealing city. It is no wonder that its residents state, in poll after poll, that they would like to continue to do so. And their...

The impacts of artificial intelligenceControlling artificial intelligence

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) raise both expectations and misgivings. The advent of ChatGPT shows that this technology is developing faster than society’s capacity to...

Illustration. ©Genie Espinosa
Adolescents under pressureEmotional malaise among adolescents

Adolescence is a time of major life changes; physical and hormonal changes that transform the body, as well...

Il·lustració. ©David Sierra
A new energy model for the cityMoving forward in the energy transition

There is less of a window of opportunity for action than previously thought. In fact, time is running out. This winter has combined all the makings of a perfect storm: accelerating...

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