Digital map of the city of Barcelona
Barcelona, a digital technology hub

The charts point to Barcelona as a leading hub of the new economy, which is developed around information and communication technologies (ICT). In recent years...

Vista aèria de Barcelona de nit
A day in the life of Barcelona

In the course of a day, 1,660,314 people constantly breathing and on the move generate a great number of movements, interactions, needs, aspirations… In a year, 11,...

Il·lustració. ©David Sierra
A new energy model for the cityEnergy, the agent of change for cities in the 21st century

The city, as a great guzzler of energy produced outside its borders, is committed to an energy transition that will allow for its decarbonisation. The first pillar is...

Il·lustració. ©David Sierra
A new energy model for the cityPerceptions and conflicts surrounding energy use

Besides energy prices, one of the main public concerns, there is another unresolved issue: the opposition generated by the location of energy infrastructures,...

Illustration. ©David Sierra
A new energy model for the cityThe end of the era of abundance

The economic, social and political model developed over the last 150 years simply cannot be sustained for physical...

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