Specialising in science and technology, with experience across various media – print, radio, television and digital platforms –, creating and disseminating content, especially in the realms of health and the environment.

Having held the position of president of the Catalan Association for Scientific Communication, she currently occupies the same role in the Associació 9+1 per a la transició ecològica [9+1 Association for Ecological Transition]. In recent years, her focus has shifted towards digital strategic communication in the public sector. For the past two decades, she has lectured in journalism and corporate communication programmes at various universities.

Last Update: March 30, 2024

Articles by Cristina Ribas

El Carmel is one of the neighbourhoods where a wastewater study has been carried out, revealing insights into its residents' habits. © Dani Codina
SCOREwater, the insights hidden within the sewers

Wastewater reflects our habits: when we wake up or go to sleep, when we go on holiday, and even the medications we consume. The peaks in water elimination...

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