Anna Ballbona


Anna Ballbona is a journalist and writer.

She is the author of the novels No soc aquí [I Am Not Here] (Anagrama Prize for Novels in the Catalan Language 2020) and Joyce i les gallines [Joyce and the Chickens] (Anagrama, 2016), and the poetry books Conill de gàbia [Caged Rabbit] (Labreu Edicions, 2012) and La mare que et renyava era un robot [The Mother Who Scolded You Was A Robot] (Galerada, 2005). She writes and contributes to various media outlets, including the newspaper Ara, the magazines El Temps and Serra d’Or and the radio station Catalunya Ràdio.

Articles by Anna Ballbona

Retrat de Vicenç Viaplana. © Mariona Gil
“We can no longer be sure of what we’re seeing”

Vicenç Viaplana

Never had so much work been exhibited and so much at the same time by the artist Vicenç Viaplana (Granollers, 1955). A truly free soul, advocate and researcher of...

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Couplets on the night bus

When her friends started getting into the habit of splitting taxis to get home, for the first time she thought that she’d have to give up the night bus.

Book: Novel·la, Pol Beckmann
A puzzle in the service of love and writing

The debut novel by young Pol Beckmann (Barcelona, 1991), that has received the Llibreter 2019 award in the category of other literatures, is a multi-faceted literary...

Llibre: Els límits del Quim Porta, de Josep Pedrals
Breaking the sound barrier

Els límits del Quim Porta, a book by Josep Perals, is bound to disturb and hypnotise. The whole book breathes poetry, lyrical sonority, ideas, constant...

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