The impacts of artificial intelligence

N127-Jul 23

Dossier's contents

The impacts of artificial intelligenceControlling artificial intelligence

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) raise both expectations and misgivings. The advent of ChatGPT shows that this technology is developing faster than...

The impacts of artificial intelligenceLet the city make us uneasy

The polarisation and segregation fuelled by algorithms may end up shaping the city. AI feeds off itself and, as if it were an infinite mirror, it insists on...

The impacts of artificial intelligenceThe ignorance of algorithms and new synthetic realities

Artificial intelligence technologies are an expression of who we are. When everything is possible, what do we decide to do? This is a perfect technology for...

The impacts of artificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence fostering shared and sustainable mobility

AI has the potential to help manage complex processes, such as mobility, in city life. Simulators and servers that match people offering their cars with those...

Illustration © Romualdo Faura
The impacts of artificial intelligenceEthical, responsible artificial intelligence for the common good

When artificial intelligence is used in scenarios that impact millions of people, governance challenges and ethical dilemmas arise. How can we be sure that...

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