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Writer and essayist

Santiago Alba Rico is a writer and essayist. He studied Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid. In the 1980s, he was a screenwriter for the universally popular television show La bola de cristal [The Crystal Ball] and has published more than twenty books on politics, philosophy and literature, as well as three children’s stories and a play. 

Translator from Arabic, he also regularly collaborates with a variety of news media, including Público, Cuarto Poder, CTXT, Diari Ara and El País. He has published the essays Las reglas del caos: Apuntes para una antropología del mercado [The Rules of Chaos: Notes for a Market Anthropology] (Anagrama, 1995), a finalist for the Anagrama essay prize, and, more recently, Islamofobia. Nosotros, los otros, el miedo [Islamophobia. We, the Others, the Fear] (Icaria, 2015), Nadie está seguro con un libro en las manos: lecturas inconvenientes [No One Is Safe With a Book in Their Hands: Inappropriate Readings] (Catarata, 2018) and Última hora. Los cuentos de Carne Cruda [Breaking News. The Stories of Carne Cruda] (Arrebato, 2019) which contains his radio collaborations with the programme Carne Cruda [Raw Meat].

Articles by Santiago Alba Rico

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