Climate change is a reality, but with a few small steps and some not so small, as well as a change of habits and collective action, we can make sure its effects have less impact on our lives.

Here is a list of everyday steps that everyone in Barcelona can take to help combat the effects of climate change.

People first:

  1. Make sure that any vulnerable neighbours you have are okay on the hottest days. Info: ‘Radars’ project.
  2. Give yourself an energy check-up (improve power and comfort levels in your home, check your bills, visit your local energy advice point, etc.) Info: PAES.
  3. Generate power at home (Get information, apply for grants, install renewable energy sources or reflectors on your roof, etc.) Info: Guide to self-consumption.


Starting at home:

  1.  Renovate and insulate your home. Info: Renovation grants.
  2. Choose a green electricity company. Info: Barcelona Energia.
  3. Transform your roof terrace into a green roof. Info: Living roof terraces and green roofs.


Transforming communal spaces:

  1. Put plants in your garden and on your balcony and attract wildlife with bird's nests and those of other animals. Info: Naturalising green spaces.
  2. Join the community allotments in your neighbourhood or create your own vegetable garden at home. Info: Agropolis.
  3. Save water whenever you can. Info: Measures to save water in the home.
  4. Use your private car less often in the city (share it, use public transport, walk or go by bike). Info: Mobility website.
  5. Get about on foot or by bike; what’s more you’ll be doing exercise. Info: Bici website.
  6. Practice responsible tourism. Make fewer journeys by plane and save on emissions. Info: Responsible tourism.
  7. Look after coastal areas and the city's beaches. Info: Barcelona Beaches.  

Climate economy:

  1. Consume more responsibly. Info: OMIC (Municipal Consumer Information Office).
  2. Produce less waste (buy loose goods in bulk, use fabric bags or baskets, etc.) Info: Zero Waste Strategy.
  3. Repair, reuse and recycle, and if you are able to, make compost at home with organic materials. Info: Waste generation and prevention.
  4. Buy local, ecological products and eat less meat. Info: Food Sovereignty Promotion Strategy


Building together:

  1. Get involved in citizen events and climate cooperation activities, and always stay informed. Info: Citizen Commitment to Sustainability and the Climate.
  2. Take part in citizen projects to help combat climate change. Info: Citizen projects.
  3. Talk about the Climate Plan with your friends and family and get organised to promote it. Info: Barcelona Climate Website.