Climate change is a reality and it is caused by humans. Although there are still some dissenting voices, 97% of the scientific community agree that human activity is the main cause of this phenomenon and that it is happening faster than ever before. Proof of its impact is already available and we must take steps to counter it.

Climate change is understood to mean a global change in the Earth’s temperature. Throughout history, there have been natural changes and evolutions, but in the last few centuries data from around the world show us that human activity has caused changes in the Earth’s climate as a consequence of emitting greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere. This is a situation that poses a threat to the composition of natural ecosystems, their ability to recover and their productivity, economic and social development, and the health and wellbeing of citizens.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an international body attached to the United Nations formed by more than 2,000 experts, which is tasked with assessing the science related to climate change In its fifth report, the IPCC has demonstrated the unequivocal average rise in air and ocean temperatures, the changes in rainfall patterns, widespread thawing and rising sea levels across the globe.

In recent years, the need to step up our efforts in the fight against climate change has become even clearer, leading organisations and public administrations around the world to adopt various mitigation and adaptation commitments and measures, in order to reduce GHG emissions and vulnerability to the impact of climate change.

The cost of doing nothing is becoming ever greater. Not just in terms of social and environmental costs, but also economic ones. Taking action as soon as possible to deal with the present and future effects of climate change is an opportunity which could bring many benefits such as creating jobs, innovating and improving our knowledge of the city, reducing the risks associated with its vulnerability to climate change, and so on.

We are responsible for this

Human activity is the cause of this climate change and, therefore, we are responsible for it. We are part of the problem, but also part of the solution.

It affects people's health and daily life

What is more, these changes seriously damage our health and affect our quality of life.

We need to act now

It is a priority, we cannot afford to wait. We must act with urgency, not caution

Climate change is a reality

Numerous studies show that it is real. There is no time for scepticism or denial.

It is happening now

We are already noticing the effects: rising temperatures, less water, more extreme climate phenomena, and so on.

Climate change is unfair

It does not affect everyone in the same way; some people and neighbourhoods are more vulnerable.

We still have time

We have the opportunity to act and the capacity to do