Climate change, despite finally being a recognised phenomenon linked directly to human activity, still generates a debate full of inaccurate claims that cause confusion. Below we list some of these false claims.

Climate change is a natural process. It has happened before. It’s not that serious.


A temperature of 3 to 5 degrees higher in Barcelona is not that much. It won’t really affect us. Besides, I like the heat, it’s better than cold weather. So we’re not worried about global warming.


CO2 does not affect our health.


Are air quality and climate change the same thing?


The projections set out in the Climate Plan are not reliable. They are assumptions, nothing is 100% certain.


Yes, okay, in the summer it's very hot in Barcelona, but just as it always has been.


Any measures to reduce emissions will have a negative effect on our economy and our quality of life.


Barcelona has adapted to many changes. We’ll adapt to this without any problems.


Faced with a phenomenon like climate change, there’s nothing I can do.