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Pla Endreça: You and more than 9,000 professionals are teaming up for Barcelona


What are we doing?

We’re working in all the city’s neighbourhoods and providing the resources needed to take care of public spaces and guarantee social harmony.


What do you need us to do?

Let us know so we can act quickly.


What do we need you to do?

Use public spaces responsibly.

Did you know? Some numbers for the Pla Endreça

  • 4,621

    people work for the cleaning services (2023)

  • €435 million

    million invested in the maintenance of public space within the Comprehensive Maintenance Plan of Pla Endreça.

  • 64,444

    pieces of graffiti cleaned (July 2023)

  • 191,321

    inspections relating to public space and social harmony

  • 3,403

    Guàrdia Urbana city police officers (2023)

  • 82,813

    social issues reported in August 2023, within the emergency Pla Endreça under way


Have you seen how we work and who makes it possible?

Meet the people who work with you and for you.