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Safety and coexistence tips

  • Icona Soroll


    Do not do things that disturb the rest and peace of the neighbours or passers-by. Respect work schedules and avoid disturbance, especially during rest hours.

  • Icona platges


    On beaches, respect the signs on swimming conditions (yellow and red flags) and don’t stay or bathe on the breakwaters.

    Remember that smoking is forbidden on the beaches of Barcelona.

    Respect the peace and quiet of other beach users, don’t litter and leave the public facilities clean and in the way you would like to find them. 

  • Consum alcohol

    Alcoholic drinks in public spaces

    The consumption of alcoholic drinks in glass or metal containers in public spaces is forbidden. This consumption is not allowed under any circumstances if it becomes a nuisance to other people or residents. Abusive alcohol consumption is a risk to your health.

  • Icona Espais públics

    Public spaces

    Respect the public spaces and help keep them clean. City residents may reprove others for antisocial attitudes, which may be punishable.

  • Icona Venda d’alcohol

    Sale of alcohol

    The sale of alcohol between 10 pm and 8 am is forbidden in public spaces, except in authorised spaces and venues. Supplying or buying alcohol online during this time bracket is also forbidden.

  • Icona Subministrar begudes alcohòliques

    Supply alcoholic drinks

    Establishments may only supply alcoholic drinks to people aged 18 or older. Buying alcoholic drinks for minors to consume is forbidden.

  • Icona festa major

    Festes majors [Main Festivities]

    Enjoy the main festivities in the different neighbourhoods while respecting the right to rest and peace of the neighbourhood, the established timetables, the regulations on the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the street, the prohibition of physiological needs in the street, and the obligation not to litter and to respect public space.

  • Icona gossos


    Respect the municipal byelaw that determines the conditions for dogs and other pets in public spaces. Dogs must always be kept on a leash, except in the areas for dogs (AG), dog-recreation areas (AEG) and the areas for unleashed dogs (ZUC) in certain time slots.

  • Icon: Physiological needs

    Physiological needs on the street

    It is forbidden to spit, urinate and defecate in public spaces. This prohibition is especially punishable in restricted areas, in areas frequented by minors and in monuments or listed or protected buildings.

  • Icona jardí urbà

    Green areas

    Respect parks and other green areas, along with children's play areas. Don't step on the flowerbeds, and don't pull up flowers or plants. Don't damage urban furniture and, if you have a picnic, take your rubbish with you.

  • Icona mobles

    Furniture and household items

    Respect the specific day for the free collection of furniture and household items in front of your home. Do not dispose of bulky domestic waste in the street on the wrong day.

  • Icona Activitat sexual

    Sexual activity

    Both paying for sexual services and engaging in sexual activity in public are forbidden and may be punishable.

  • Icona incendi al bosc


    In Collserola, take care of the flora and the natural environment. Respect wildlife and don't feed wild animals. Due to the drought, follow the indications regarding the prohibition of making fires. Respect the signs and, in case of emergency, call 112.

  • Venda ambulant


    Hawking and peddling services, items and drinks on the street without a permit is illegal and punishable. The products provenance is often questionable, and they come with no warranties. This type of activity may be associated with a criminal network that may be taking advantage of individuals living in precarious conditions

  • Icona apartaments turístics

    Tourist apartment

    If you are staying in a tourist apartment or a home for tourist use, make sure it is legal and complies with the occupancy rules and conditions. Do not exceed its capacities or host activities that could disturb other guests or residents. In case of need or doubt, contact the reception or administration of the flats: all accommodations must have a 24-hour phone line.

  • Icona drons


    For safety reasons, flying drones in the city of Barcelona is forbidden.

  • Acampar


    Camping is forbidden in public spaces (including beaches), except in places where it is authorised.

  • Icona venda de drogues


    Selling drugs is a crime. Drug consumption and possession in public spaces are not allowed and are punishable. 

Anti-social behaviour will be penalised

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