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Les feres de Shakespeare

Els Pirates Teatre

29/06 - 28/07

Gelabert Azzopardi / Baryshnikov Productions

Framing Time

24/07 - 25/07


Alessandro Sciarroni
Hybrid scene

20/07 - 21/07

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Family public

L'amansi (pa) ment de les fúries

Parking Shakespeare
Teatre Grec

Les feres de Shakespeare

Els Pirates Teatre
Onyric - Teatre Condal
29/06 - 28/07


Zum-Zum Teatre
Mercat de les Flors
Sala Pina Bausch
23/07 - 24/07


Baró d’evel
Teatre Lliure Montjuïc
Sala Fabià Puigserver
28/07 - 30/07

Amor Mundi

Victoria Szpunberg
Sala Beckett - Poblenou
26/06 - 28/07
Teatre Grec

Activities of the spectator

Grec Audiovisual
Fundació Joan Miró

Different Trains, by Beatriz Caravaggio

13/06 - 31/08
The North American Steve Reich, one of the pioneers of minimalism, composed a piece about the Jewish Holocaust in 1988. Almost thirty years later, this video work confers visual life to the score...
Grec Creation
Graner, centre de creació


18/07 - 21/07
What are the common features of creators born in the nineties? You will find out in a meeting that gathers artists from all sorts of disciplines who share the same time frame and, therefore, same...
Grec Training
Sala Beckett - Poblenou

XIV Obrador d'estiu de la Sala Beckett

07/07 - 24/07
An international meeting point for the new contemporary dramaturgy, with workshops, seminars, debates and theatrical readings.DRAMATURGY COURSES (open registration)Estirant el fil / Pulling on the...
Grec Creation
Jardí Botànic/ Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona

Creation & museums: Paisagem de Passagem

Creation Project of contemporary circus in which the artist’s stage language is put into dialogue with the living, natural heritage of the Botanic Gardens of Barcelona. It is a reflection on the...
Grec Training
La Caldera Les Corts

Sporá programme

22/07 - 26/07
La Caldera Les Corts organises a series of meetings with creators and share their artistic interests and current work with the public and with the rest of professionals. Presently the programme...
El Grec a la Plaça de Margarida Xirgu
Plaça de Margarida Xirgu

Mechanical bull

23/07 - 24/07
In this Grec Festival traveling across the Pacific towards North America, you cannot miss a specially famous landmark of the USA popular culture, a mechanical bull that imitates the convulsive...

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