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Family public
Teatre Grec
Castell de Montjuïc
Fossat de Santa Eulàlia
Castell de Montjuïc
Fossat de Santa Eulàlia

Mary said what she said

Robert Wilson / Isabelle Huppert
Teatre Lliure Montjuïc
Sala Fabià Puigserver
21/07 - 22/07


Mercat de les Flors
Sala Maria Aurèlia Capmany
18/07 - 19/07

Sol Picó and Banda ChaPicó

Animal de séquia
Teatre Grec

Activities of the spectator

Grec Audiovisual
Fundació Joan Miró

Different Trains, by Beatriz Caravaggio

13/06 - 31/08
The North American Steve Reich, one of the pioneers of minimalism, composed a piece about the Jewish Holocaust in 1988. Almost thirty years later, this video work confers visual life to the score...
Grec Talks
Biblioteca Guinardó - Mercè Rodoreda

Biblioteques: Jordi Casanovas talks about VALENCiANA

A playwright who has often used reality as a stage material takes us to the Valencia of the nineties to talk about politicians who mark the destiny of a territory, murderers of girls and clubs that...
Grec Jove
Escenari Joan Brossa

Open rehearsal: Así bailan las putas

Do we love the way we want or the way we are told we should? What if romantic love were merely a very effective control system? If such questions wander around your head, you should maybe start...
Grec Creation
Escenari Joan Brossa

Grec Factory: Así bailan las putas / Whores dance like this

Here we talk about how to take to stage a written text from the new show of the company Sixto Paz, adapted from the book by Julia Bertran, Amar and Timar. It is based on a sensual and provocative...

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