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Em dic Josep

Marc de la Varga

Sala Flyhard   10/07 - 03/08

The creator uses the theatrical and musical documentary format to immerse us in the mysteries of artistic creation, the human mind and its disorders.

You may remember Barcelona from a few decades ago, when the city moved and shook to the sound of the new beats that filled places like the former Zeleste dance hall, just as it was beginning to fade, before being renamed Sala Razzmatazz a few years later. One of the mainstays of this scene was Camil Clot, considered by many to be an exceptionally talented musician. How is it that he disappeared from the scene without leaving a trace? A theatrical documentary will tell us the unknown story of the artist, in which the creator himself becomes a character and, through an encounter with Camil Clot’s mother and his twin brother, Josep Clot, investigates the musical past of Barcelona’s outskirts, specifically the El Gornal district. Through the true story of this long-lost musician, Em dic Josep [My Name is Josep] explores the themes of creation and mental illness; it is a journey into the depths of the mind and the human soul in the guise of a musical documentary. Where is the line between sanity and madness? This is the question the audience will be asked as they watch this performance. 

This theatrical creation is the brainchild of an emerging playwright who works as a scriptwriter and audiovisual director, but who trained as a theatre director and playwright at Sala Beckett’s Obrador Internacional and has directed and written plays such as El niño de la tele, Xarnegos and Tras la puerta. He was one of the creators of the micro-theatre show Pentateatre Atòmic. In 2022, he was a finalist for the Frederic Roda de Teatre Award with the text Goteres. The show he’ll be presenting at the festival was one of the finalists in the RIIIING! music contest launched last year at the Grec Festival de Barcelona.

Produced by Flyhard Produccions.

Artistic card

Written and directed by: Marc de la Varga. Musical director: Àlex Torío. Performed by: Daniel Higiénico, Mont Plans, Pau Vinyals

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules From 10 July to 3 August

Space Sala Flyhard

Duration 95 min

Language Catalan

Price 20 €

Other criteria On el teatre batega Coproductions Riing

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