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On el teatre batega

On el teatre batega

The city's local theatres have created a platform for the jointly managing the productions they present in collaboration and which are part of the Barcelona Grec Festival programme.

Creation in Barcelona begins in local, smaller and more intimate venues playing host to up-and-coming voices and also world-renowned professionals from the alternative scene. These venues have come together on the “On el teatre batega” platform to develop joint projects in collaboration with the Barcelona Grec Festival.

The collaboration between these local venues and the Barcelona Grec Festival began in 2020 and has so far resulted in experiences such as a series of dramatised readings chosen from among the entries received in a public competition. Some of the dramatised readings we were able to hear last year will  return this year as complete theatre productions that highlight the talent of the scene's emerging talent. They are Mos Maiorum's Solar; Queralt Riera's Holocaust and Marc Angelet's La Chispa.

The dramatised reading competition will be held again at this year’s edition of the festival. So pay attention, as some of those selected will become stage productions playing at the 2024 Barcelona Grec Festival.

This year's readings:

Not My Monkeys
10 July, at 8 pm
Teatre Eòlia
Tickets: 3,8 €
Directed by: Martí Torras. Authorship: Manel Moreno. Creation: 42KM. Performed by: Rafa Delacroix, Diana Gómez, Georgina Latre. Movement: Fàtima Campos. Costumes: Néstor Reina. Sound space: Pol Fontanals.
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Volver a Madryn
17 July, at 8 pm
Sala Fènix
Tickets: 3 €
Dramaturgy: Rodrigo Cuesta. Directed by: Alba Florejachs Performed by: Felipe Cabezas (other performers to be announced). Production: Sala Fènix, Suika.
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The city's venues this year are offering a new joint-collaboration experience among actors, directors and playwrights from both sides of the Atlantic to create three theatre pieces that straddle Catalonia and Argentina: Silvia, La paella dels dijous and Rovira versus Rodríguez. Each one works as a stand-alone piece, but to get the full picture, you need to see all three.


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