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Grec's restaurant

Farm to Table

Our gastronomic premise is based on the purism of quality produce and the respect which, as professional cooks, we have for our farm producers. After two very intense years of the pandemic, which have suffocated hospitality to a critical point, little attention has been given to all those who have suffered the consequences alongside us, those who every day bring produce to our work tables: producers, distributors, farmers, livestock farmers, fishmongers and so on. For us, this project also pays tribute to our entire working network. From field to table.

We want to work from scratch to contribute complexity too, using fermenting techniques, home-made pickles, smoked foods and more, respecting what is in season and thus embracing sustainable local produce in the variety and quality we offer our diners. 

The project revolves around these concepts, yet gastronomy is an intercultural traveller as we are, full of fusions and combinations between cultures, pure rock-and-roll at the table!

To satiate this culinary restlessness, we propose the following:
The vegan menu or the taster menu, and for bolder diners, the “festa grossa” menu. An important point that needs stressing is that all four menus offered by the restaurant are suitable for coeliacs and those with gluten intolerance.
Throughout the festival, the Teatre Grec de Montjuic will be offering a restaurant service.

Grec restaurant
Pg. Santa Madrona, 36.
Tel/WhatsApp: (+34) 693 861 862

Telephone helpline: from 9 am to 11 pm

Restaurant opening times:
Open on performance days, from 19.30 pm to 1.30 am
8 pm, sitting only with a Teatre Grec ticket
10 pm, sitting open to the general public

Menu prices
· €35 vegan or taster menu
· €55 “festa grossa” menu

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