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Creation and Museums

Creation and Museums

Creation factories and some of the city’s museums are the star attractions with joint experiences putting artists from different disciplines in contact with these facilities’ collections.

Yet another year, Barcelona’s creation factories and museums are featuring in a joint experience. A series of museum and heritage spaces in the city are turning into the backdrop for the residents at the city’s artistic creation centres, who engage in dialogue with the art, history or ethnographic collections in each space via their artistic projects. 

Some of the projects from this experience have become shows in the Grec’s overall programming, such as this year’s show Extinction Rave (Diagnóstico de Situación) by the Fundación Mis Bragas at the Teatre Lliure.

Free admission, booking (from next June) required.

Further information and booking.

This year’s projects (30 June-7 July) are:


Title: Ressons [Echoes]
A live installation that merges the visual arts, sound design and contemporary circus. 

Artists: Haa Collective
Concept, direction and performance: Ingrid Esperança. Apparatus design and direction: Betty Cau. Sound design: Joan Lavandeira
Date: 6 and 7 July in the afternoon


Title: Baile Enmascarado [Masked Ball]
The museum’s mask collection, all with their own stories and narratives, inspire this project, which shows how the meanings, uses and contexts of these objects have changed. The relationship between masks and theatre, holy spaces and rituals, public protests, pop culture and cinema are the theme of the short pieces that will be presented during a tour of the facility.

Artists: Company: M0nster.L4b (Feña Celedón, Lu Chieregati)
Date: 6 and 7 July at 7 pm



Times: 9 pm

This is a collaboration between the choreographer and performer Adrián Vega and the musician and creator Adriano Galante. The project’s main goal is to reveal a new sound legacy of Barcelona’s La Model (a former prison) using a performative approach based on the building’s sound memory, inhabited by frequencies, sounds and radiations that are inaudible by the human ear. This is an active quest that traces a new memory of the sounds that coexist in the building today and is bisected by questions like: What was, what is and especially what could this new sound space be? A hybrid guided tour generating heretofore unheard scenes, relationships and soundscapes.

Created and performed by: Adrián Vega, Adriano Galante.  Theoretical support: Andrea Soto Calderón. Movement support: Marina Pravkina. Archive development: Anabel de la Paz
Date: 3 and 4 July, afternoon-evening


Title: TOTAL (Acoustic action)
According to Sarai, on 30 June 2019 at 11 am the wind at Montjuïc Castle was coming from the east at a speed of 19 km/hour. In 2020 at the same time, there was no wind. In 2021, it was coming from the southwest at a speed of barely 7 km/hour. And there was no wind again in 2022 and 2023. Jeroni, who was Sarai’s teacher, tells me that they can only predict what will happen one week in advance, and that if the wind doesn’t blow on 30 June 2024, at least there will be a breeze. They tell the musicians that the volume depends on whether the wind brings the sound closer or further away, and that even if there is the possibility that no one hears it, everything will be ready for it to be heard.

Musicians: Carlos Santos, MCarmen Garcia, John Guerrero Isaac David Arias, Gerard Pujol Ventosa. Composition and musicians direction advice: Maitane Beaumont. Assistance and external glance: Alex Reynolds. Acoustic analysis: Mathias Klenner. Meteorological advice: Jeroni Lorente. Production: Hangar Centre de Producció i Recerca Artística. Aknowledgements: Martin Vitaliti, Quim Pujol, Luz Broto, Jorge Bravo, Arnau Sala Saez, Pep Vidal, AEMET.
Date: 30 June 2024, at 11:00 am (first session) and 12.00 noon (second session to be conformed). 20 - 25 people / session. Booking required (next June further information)


Title: És possible formular una primera pregunta i continuar sopant? [Is it possible to ask a first question and continue eating dinner?] (The lobster festival)
Neus Masdeu turns research about Carles Santos’ relationship with food, the seafaring world and popular culture into a celebration. Conviviality, revelry, feasting and dancing. Come one, come all! Take your place! This is a gathering, an homage, an encounter, a first question.

Artists: Neus Masdeu (for now)
Date: TBA


Title: KRUID
This is a new immersive, interactive performance that will use virtual reality and surround-projections as a vehicle of representation.
The project generates a duality between a three-dimensional physical world and a two-dimensional world inhabited by actors-avatars. In a virtual space accessed through virtual-reality glasses (Meta Quest 3), the audience appears like an avatar to interact with the performer in real time. In a second space, the audience can watch the live performer connected with virtual-reality glasses and motion sensors and see as the avatar is conducted by the performer. It is a dialogue between the perception of the body-real space and digital space.
Carles Castaño and Sau-Ching Wong, who come from different backgrounds and artistic disciplines, recently joined forces to investigate the quest for a new artistic language using their shared vision to find new meanings and purposes within the merging of virtuality and the human body.

Immersive directors: Sau-Ching Wong, Carles Castaño Oliveros. 3D environments: Eloi Cantos
Date: Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 July. Ongoing session from 9 pm to 10:30 pm. The audience can join the session as space becomes available.

Booking: next June

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