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Barcelona cultura

Artistic project

Programme contents and themes

A festival is like a summit. It forms part of a landscape, a system, a fabric. It is an exceptional moment that is connected to the city’s artistic life, tying in with everything that takes place during the rest of the year, showcasing what has been brewing and maintaining a dialogue with its talent, its citizens and their questions. More than a party, we like to think of our Grec as a celebration, a long-awaited moment, an event, a tool for reflection, change and transformation; it is full of surprises and, above all, something that is worth experiencing. A Grec that is popular, appreciated, recognised, loved and stimulating.

Weaving is the intertwining of many threads. We want to weave a piece of fabric that is tailor-made for the city. We have to make a festival that suits Barcelona and gives it a new feel. In view of all this, we want to create a type of festival that is appealing, not just because of its – necessary – guest list, but also because of its artistic value, the national and international partnerships, the number of stakeholders and sectors involved, the involvement and participation of city residents, and its quality and consistency. We want to weave a dense network of co-productions and exchanges. We would like great creative talents, both local and from abroad, to create and be inspired by the city and its artists, its residents and its memory. One of our priorities will be to forge relationships with any artists, festivals and artistic events that may be able to provide an answer to all the relevant matters that concern us.

Barcelona is creativity, and we want this to be our hallmark vis-à-vis other international festivals.

The basic principles of this project can be summarised in four strategic lines that will guide the decisions that need to be made:

  1. The submittal of exceptional artistic proposals
  2. The discovery, dissemination and fostering of the local artistic talent and fabric
  3. The inducement, stimulation and support of initiatives
  4. The expansion of the social base of audiences and interest in the arts


1. The submittal of exceptional artistic proposals

  • leaders and models that stimulate both artists and the public 
  • contemporary creation and authorship
  • a balance between the performing arts’ different languages, grammars and disciplines
  • going beyond the Festival.

Our strength will be provided by networking and the complicities that we are able to generate at both national and international level

2. The discovery, dissemination and fostering of the local artistic talent and fabric

  • bringing together creators from different disciplines, causing them to cross paths in their creativity
  • providing the right working conditions
  • co-productions by local artists with public and private performance facilities
  • helping creative women develop their talent
  • international promotion actions

We feel that one of the things that we, the institutions, can do is help and foster the creative fabric.

3. The inducement, stimulation and support of initiatives

  • increasing the perspectives on the programmes by means of curators
  • working with coordinating agents
  • taking advantage of all entrepreneurial capital
  • supporting city projects.

Cities are living entities. Our project must therefore be flexible and able to adapt based on the evolution and proposals or demands of the players of the performing arts world.

4. The expansion of the social base of audiences and interest in the arts

  • seeking new forms of participation to pique the curiosity of audiences
  • increasing the space for community projects
  • participation by children and young people in creative processes
  • considering an entire festival online

It is very important to us to help expand the social base of culture. We believe in its values and will make Grec a socially committed festival. We will work for a variety of audiences and find the spectators that are right for each project.

Writing a programme of events is easy. The hard part is carefully choosing and placing each part so that they all acquire a meaning, compose a whole that is appealing to the public and reveal certain values and complicities interwoven with care, selection criteria, professionalism, dialogue and a certain amount of intuition. We will work to achieve this.

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