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People with disabilities

People with disabilities

Support for people with disabilities

Call us on 933 161 000 and we will advise you on venue accessibility. People with hearing disabilities can send their queries to the email address tiquetrambles@bcn.cat.

People with reduced mobility

All Teatre Grec shows offer places reserved for people with reduced mobility, at the back of the theatre, (outside the usual seating); such audiences will enjoy a 50% discount, which will also apply to anyone accompanying them. These tickets can be bought from Citizen Culture Office (OCCU) or online from www.festivalgrec.barcelona.
The other shows with available places reserved for people with reduced mobility are included within the usual seating with prices at their general rates. These seats can be purchased at the OCCU ticket office or can be bought by web.
You can check for accessibility at all the venues from www.festivalgrec.barcelona.

People with visual impairment

Recommended show:
Teatre Grec: Canciones de amor, de desamor y de piratas, 15 and 16 July.

Audio description:
Teatre GrecEl misantrop, 3 July.
Teatre Goya: Poncia, 29 Juve.
Sala BeckettMalamort, 5 July. 
Teatre CondalMacho grita, 6 July.
Teatre RomeaTirant lo Blanc, 20 July.
La Villarroel: Les Mans,  27 July.

People with hearing disabilities

Some of the seats at the Teatre Grec’s seats, all of the seats at the Teatre Lliure - Sala Fabià Puigserver, the Mercat de les Flors (Sala MAC) and the Teatre Lliure de Gràcia have audio induction loops. For the localities of Teatre Grec you can ask for information on the phone number 933 161 000 or tiquetrambles@bcn.cat.

Shows with Catalan subtitles:
Teatre Lliure: Billy's Violence, 28 June.
Teatre Lliure: Billy's Joy, 29 June.
Teatre Lliure: Billy's Violence & Billy's Joy, 30 June.
Teatre Lliure: Hamlet en els plecs del temps, 24 and 25 July.
Mercat de les Flors: Le pas grand choses, 30 juny, 1 and 2 July.
TNC: Elizabeth Costello, 6 and 7 July.
Teatre RomeaTirant lo Blanc, 20 July.
La Villarroel: Les Mans,  27 July.

Shows with Spanish subtitles:
Teatre Goya: Poncia, 29 June.
Teatre CondalMacho grita, 6 July.

Shows with sign-language interpretation:
HeartbreakhotelSis hectàries d'oliveres, 17 July.
Teatre GrecEl pot petit, 20 July (a magnetic loop and audio-vibration pack service).
All the concerts on this tour with the Black Music Big Band will be accessible and we will offer them with a sign language interpreter service and also a magnetic loop and audio-vibration pack service. These seats, loops and packs will have to be booked at the OCCU, before 5 July, in order to forecast the equipment required.

Apropa Cultura

The Grec festival is part of Apropa Cultura, an inclusive culture and recreation programme aimed at social organisations which work with people in vulnerable situations.
Apropa Cultura offers festival programme tickets at reduced prices; check the website apropacultura.cat.

Parking for people with disabilities at the Teatre Grec

People with reduced mobility can arrive by car up close to the access point to the lift, enabling entry to the Teatre Grec. Free parking in the allocated area, until full. Parking enabled from 8 p.m. on function days.

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