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Sis hectàrees d’oliveres [Six hectares of olive trees]

Aina Tur

Heartbreak Hotel   02/07 - 28/07

The show that won the 2023 edition of the Quim Masó award turns a personal phobia into a universal conflict. So, what are you afraid of?

Júlia has just arrived at the house Pau owns in the middle of six hectares of olive trees. She has bought petrol. She wants fire. She needs fire. She needs to burn it all. That morning she said: no more fear, ever. Fear of nobody. Nobody’s fear. Only fire. And ashes. Today. 

You may recall the name of Aina Tur, a Menorcan playwright and director who brought Una galaxia de luciérnagas, a text based on a traumatic experience she had on a trip to Latin America, to the Grec in 2020 and 2021. This time, the author also started with her own experience, an outsized phobia that she overcame some years ago, which she uses as a catalyst for this story in which two people re-encounter each other. And even though they have gone through very different life experiences, they both have to confront themselves and their fears.  What conflicts and violence will be unleashed when they have to look their own fears in the eye? How will petrol and fire help Júlia to overcome her phobia? Anna Alarcón, the actress who played the leading role in Una galaxia de luciérnagas, is back to perform in this show, with Nao Albet as her fellow cast member.

As the winner of the Quim Masó award for theatre production in Catalan, the show has received funding for production and is premièring at the Grec 2024 Festival de Barcelona while also being part of the Temporada Alta festival, which is also a co-producer.


Co-produced by the Grec 2024 Festival de Barcelona, Temporada Alta, Heartbreak Hotel and Titus Andrònic, SL. 

Winner of the seventeenth Quim Masó award.

Literary creation award from the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes in 2023. Writing residency at La Rebelión de las Voces of the Fundación Santiago Off in conjunction with the Sala Beckett - Obrador Internacional de Dramatúrgia and the Institut Ramon Llull.  

In conjunction with the Sala Beckett and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia.

On July 17, there will be an interpretation service in sign language for people with hearing disabilities.

Artistic card

Written and directed by: Aina Tur Performed by: Anna Alarcón, Nao Albet Stage space and lighting: Marc Salicrú
Sound space and musical composition: Jaume Manresa Executive producer: Irene Vicente Salas Assistant director: Lucia del Greco Student intern (MUET): Laura Guevara Special thanks to: Chincho Navarro, Francisca Garcia-Sicilia, Lily Duffau, Paula Palicio, Centro Cultural de España in Santiago de Chile, Victoria Spunzberg, Juan Miranda, Carme Rocamora, Natalia Matas and Jairo Sánchez 

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules From 2 to 28 July, from Tuesday to Friday, at 7.30 pm. Saturday, at 8 pm. Sunday, 12.00 noon

Space Heartbreak Hotel

Duration 70 min

Language Catalan

Price From 19 a 29 €

Other criteria Coproduction

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