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Mireia Morera

Teatre Condal   10/07 - 24/07

This musical monologue created by the artist earned the award for the best song lyrics in the first ‘RIIIING! Musicals that Knock on the Door’ conference held during last year’s Grec.

Science fiction is Diana's refuge where she can combat the threats of planet Earth. Her father disappeared when she was little, her mother is increasingly distant and she feels an existential void that can only be filled with her passion: cinema. Her dream of becoming a scriptwriter will stretch beyond the bounds of reality, and she’ll discover that lying —with her characteristic cleverness, insight and humour— will enable her to get the love she desperately needs.

It is a fun, original and moving story about the complexity of family relations, the search for a self to find a place in the world and taking the responsibility that comes with entering adulthood.

The work sprang from the artistic need of Mireia Morera —a young playwright, composer and performer who uses different aesthetics and themes along with many performance and artistic disciplines, often with humour and always casting a critical eye on the system— to explore discourse as a creator.

Produced by Companyia Gèminis.

With the support of the ICEC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies) of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya; the Barcelona City Council; and INAEM (National Institute for the Performing Arts and Music) of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport.

With funding from the European Union Next Generation Funds; the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (government of Spain); and Next Generation Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya).

Co-produced by Grec 2024 Festival Barcelona and Cia Geminis, Mediterránea


Artistic card

Authorship, dramaturgy and composition: Mireia Morera Direction: Pol Sanuy Performing: Mireia MoreraSet and costumes: Joana Martí Lighting: Reimon Monchi Sound space: Marc Urrutia Movement: Pol Roselló 

Production management: Daria Nicolau Production assistance: Júlia Guimerà Artistic advisor: Jumon Erra Theater technical management: Jordi Ballbé Theater's technicians: Aleix Arbonès and Víctor Bartolomé Marketing and communication: Focus Photography: Anaïs Loran Image design: Laia Nogueras Graphic design: Mireia Sintes Graphics: Santi&Kco Teaser and videoclip: Marta Mojal and Laia Gil Characterization promo: Sara Rodríguez Aknowledgements: Abril Elies, Agustí Morera, Carles Roca, Daniel Anglès, Escola Aules Arts Escèniques, Ferran Conangla, Felipe Montecinos, Helena Cortés, Institut Jaume Viladoms, Joel Pardell, Lara Alemany, Laura Rincón, Lluïsos d'Horta, Martí Boixader, Pepeú Guardiola, RIIING Els Musicals que truquen a la porta y SUS 4 Distribution: Mediterránea


Multimedia gallery


Discipline Theater Music

Dates and schedules 10 to 24 July Times: Wednesday at 8 pm

Space Teatre Condal

Duration 80 min

Language Catalan

Price 23 €

Other criteria Coproductions Riing

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