BCN a la butxaca

Barcelona a la butxaca

Barcelona a la butxaca
Barcelona a la butxaca
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What is it?

Barcelona a la butxaca [Barcelona in your pocket] is Barcelona City Council’s mobile app offering city residents its main municipal services from a single access point. You can now see the latest information, manage your procedures, report incidents and stay up-to-date with the events calendar with just a click.


What will you find there?

  • Procedures

    Carry out procedures on your mobile phone with ease, as all the most commonly-used ones are on there.


  • Incidents on public highways

    Using this space to report any incidents you have on public highways so the City Council can resolve them.


  • La meva butxaca

    Store the contents and services of most use to you in your virtual pocket so you can access them whenever you wish.


  • Municipal apps

    See the list of Barcelona City Council’s municipal applications (APPs) on a variety of subjects of interest.


  • Near me

    Discover points of interest near your location in real time. You’ll find them arranged by category.

  • What’s on

    Find out about all the city’s cultural and leisure activities for your enjoyment throughout the week. Shows, routes, festivals, fairs and plenty more!

  • Useful telephone numbers

    Use this section to access all the city’s useful telephone numbers for any need or emergency.


  • How to get there

    Wherever you are, you can find the fastest route at that moment for getting to any point in the city.


  • Beach conditions (only in mid and high season)

    Discover Barcelona’s various beaches, their location, facilities and available services.


  • Tax calendar

    See the payment dates for periodic municipal taxes and rates.



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