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Twelve Easter traditions from around the world

Easter is a religious period that is celebrated throughout the Christian world in a wide variety of ways. There are processions, pagan rituals, modern traditions, other strange traditions of uncertain origin... Do you want to know more?

What do we celebrate on Palm Sunday?

Why did people used to celebrate Palm Sunday so much. And what do palm leaves and branches have to do with final days in Jesus’ life?

What do the words to the Gegants del Pi song mean?

The song about the Gegants del Pi is undoubtedly the most widely-known of all the songs about giants in the country. If we look at the words carefully though, we see they have a rather strange meaning. What exactly do they mean?

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Main events and activities in the city

tres reis

Three Kings Parade

On the evening of 5 January, Barcelona organises a big welcome for the Kings of the Orient, who set off on a big parade.
Sant Antoni

Tres Tombs de Barcelona

The main event of the Festa dels Tres Tombs is a parade of animals in a cavalcade and pulling coaches around the city centre.

Tres Tombs Infernals

The Tres Tombs Infernals is a celebration held in Sant Andreu de Palomar that combines street theatre and a firework display with a correfoc.

Did you know...

It is said that the correfoc developed spontaneously in Barcelona during the La Mercè festival in 1978. That was a time when traditional and popular culture was being revived and a group of cultural activists wanted to organise a fire show. The initial idea was to organise a classic ball de diables but, to their surprise, the watching public joined in the performance and gave it movement.

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