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Twenty things you didn’t know about the Mona de Pasqua

The range of monas on offer in Catalonia is much more varied than it appears at first sight, and goes beyond the more commercial trends. Would you like to know more about this custom, whose origins and meaning are uncertain?

Twelve Easter traditions from around the world

Easter is a religious period that is celebrated throughout the Christian world in a wide variety of ways. There are processions, pagan rituals, modern traditions, other strange traditions of uncertain origin... Do you want to know more?

What do we celebrate on Palm Sunday?

Why did people used to celebrate Palm Sunday so much. And what do palm leaves and branches have to do with final days in Jesus’ life?

Sant Josep Oriol, the Barcelona saint who turned a radish into coins

Sant Josep Oriol is a Barcelona saint who led a life of vicissitudes, austerity and complete devotion to looking after others. As a good saint, miracles are also attributed to him, the most famous being when he turned a radish into coins. Want to get...

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Main events and activities in the city

tres reis

Three Kings Parade

On the evening of 5 January, Barcelona organises a big welcome for the Kings of the Orient, who set off on a big parade.
Sant Antoni

Tres Tombs de Barcelona

The main event of the Festa dels Tres Tombs is a parade of animals in a cavalcade and pulling coaches around the city centre.

Tres Tombs Infernals

The Tres Tombs Infernals is a celebration held in Sant Andreu de Palomar that combines street theatre and a firework display with a correfoc.

Did you know...

The Seguici Popular de Barcelona is the embodiment of a research project on Barcelona's unusual, historic and unique references which have a symbolic function within the festival. It was set up in 1993 and contains the city's festival imagery, historical figures like the Gegants del Pi and others recreated from historical documents.

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