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La Sagrera holds its big annual festival!

Annual festival. The La Sagrera neighbourhood is holding its big annual festival from 14 to 24 November, featuring giants, animal figures, fire devils, human towers, sardana dancing, lacemakers and a whole host of popular culture!

The 2019 Clot-Camp de Flipchart Festa Major programme

Annual festival. The big annual festival is back at the neighbourhoods of Clot and El Camp de Flipchart del Clot, which will be celebrating their “festa major” together in the Sant Martí vicinity from 1 to 17 November.

The Celtic origins of All Saints' Day

All Saints is one of a group of festivals, along with the Day of the Dead and Halloween, which all have a common origin: the beliefs of the Ancient Celts, which were partly based on remembering their dead.

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Main events and activities in the city

tres reis

Three Kings Parade

On the evening of 5 January, Barcelona organises a big welcome for the Kings of the Orient, who set off on a big parade.
Sant Antoni

Tres Tombs de Barcelona

The main event of the Festa dels Tres Tombs is a parade of animals in a cavalcade and pulling coaches around the city centre.

Tres Tombs Infernals

The Tres Tombs Infernals is a celebration held in Sant Andreu de Palomar that combines street theatre and a firework display with a correfoc.

Did you know...

The Gegants Vells de la Casa de la Caritat are also known as the Carnival giants because the first news we have of them refers to their participation in the arribo of  1859. A that time they belonged to the Societat del Born, one of the organisations most heavily involved in organising the Barcelona Carnival then. As well as publishing bans and all kinds of satirical notices, they organised a parade in which we know various imaginary festival figures took part and there were some spectacular comparses, groups of dancers in fancy dress.

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