Festivals and traditions by time of year

Setmana Santa

Setmana Santa

Holy Week, consists of a series of religious celebrations in the last week of Lent, between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

Sant Jordi

St. George, is the patron saint of Catalonia and the Diada de Sant Jordi, St George’s Day, is a festive occasion that, over the years, has become a celebration of Catalan culture.
Santa Rita

Santa Rita

The Festa de Santa Rita, patron saint of impossible things and rose hawkers, is the biggest popular religious celebration in the Raval neighbourhood.
Santa Madrona

Aplec de Santa Madrona

Santa Madrona is a parish church in Poble-sec, on Carrer de les Tapioles, which organises the traditional gathering in honour of the saint on the fourth Sunday after Easter.

Cors muts

The Silent Choirs festival is a popular celebration with very strong roots in some Barcelona neighbourhoods that takes place on Whit Monday and the weekend before.
Ou com balla

Corpus Christi

The Feast of Corpus Christi, for centuries regarded as the city's big annual festival, has a history that stretches back over 600 years in Barcelona.