Educational Programme

‘Make popular culture your own’

Cases de la Festa educational programme

The project is intended to offer children and young people greater access to popular and traditional culture, through experimentation and participation. The activities are adapted to the different needs of each educational level and designed for the development of training in values, knowledge and the recognition of heritage and traditions as expressions of collective memory and identity, while structuring knowledge through procedurally motivating means.

Teachers are to be given educational materials that are specially designed for pre- and post-visit classroom activities, so participants can further investigate and complement the activity sessions at Cases de la Festa. These educational materials can be found below in the explanation on each workshop. You will also find more resources and documents shared by all the workshops at the end of the page.


Educational workshops

¿Dónde duermen los gigantes?

Where do giants sleep?

Festival imagery

For Infant Education P-4 and P-5 students and 1st-year and 2nd-year Primary Education students

What's a giant like? What size can it be? Where does it sleep? Where can you see a capgròs [big-headed carnival figure]? This participative, dynamic and playful activity allows children to discover the world of gegants and capgrossos.

La Casa dels Entremesos (Pl. Beates 2, Ciutat Vella) and La Lira (Coroleu, 15, Sant Andreu)

Queries: /  608.940.605

Quatre de vuit amb folre

Un quatre de vuit amb folre i...?

Human-pyramid activity

For Upper primary education, secondary education and post-compulsory secondary education students

Climbing barefoot on top of a classmate, forming a pinya [ground-level pyramid base] and working as a team, discovering the names of the castellers [human-pyramids] and all the values and skills that come into play when a castell [human pyramid] is deconstructed...

Albert Musons Cultural Centre (Alzina 7, Gràcia); Headquarters of the Castellers de Barcelona human-pyramid group (Bilbao 212). If you would like to hold the workshop in your school, please consult the terms and conditions. 

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Curts and llargs to the rhythm of sardana

Sardanes [traditional Catalan dance]

For 3rd-, 4th-, 5th- and 6th-year Primary School students

This is not just a dance workshop but a journey through history, music and the sardana dance, with games that will give participants a chance to experience its rhythm and movement. It ends with everyone in a circle together dancing the sardana.

La Casa dels Entremesos (Pl. Beates, 2, Ciutat Vella) and La Lira (Coroleu, 15, Sant Andreu). Also in your school.

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