Educational Programme

‘Make popular culture your own’

Cases de la Festa educational programme

The project is intended to offer children and young people greater access to popular and traditional culture, through experimentation and participation. The activities are adapted to the different needs of each educational level and designed for the development of training in values, knowledge and the recognition of heritage and traditions as expressions of collective memory and identity, while structuring knowledge through procedurally motivating means.

Teachers are to be given educational materials that are specially designed for pre- and post-visit classroom activities, so participants can further investigate and complement the activity sessions at Cases de la Festa. These educational materials can be found below in the explanation on each workshop. You will also find more resources and documents shared by all the workshops at the end of the page.


Educational workshops

Bateig de foc

Baptism of fire

The world of fire

For upper primary and secondary education School students

An enigma will take children to Cases de la Festa to discovery of the fire festival. Group games and activities will reveal how they are organised and prepared, as well as the experiences of people taking part in the colles de diables [devil groups]...

Poblenou Can Saladrigas Festival Images Centre (Joncar, 35, Sant Martí).

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What beasts!

Festival imagery

For upper primary and secondary education students.

Why do we bring out and parade animal figures during festivals? When did we first start doing it? This activity aims to show students the origins of festival animals and how the relevant associations and events are organised. This educational, playful and participative activity allows class groups to get firsthand experience of how an animal figure is created and designed and how it is used during a passacaglia.

Poblenou - Can Saladrigas Images Centre (Joncar, 35, Sant Martí).

Queries: / 608.940.605