Exhibition loan

The following travelling exhibitions are available, dealing with a variety of popular and traditional culture themes. You can apply to have them shown at your organisation.


Pedra Seca

Emili Boada has been working in the field of Catalan ethnography for many years. For a long time, his shop in C/ Comtal in Barcelona has had a display on Catalan rural heritage: photographs and tools he has collected during his numerous walks in Pla de Santa Maria, Les Garrigues, Montsià, Vallès etc.

Emili provides the words, poetry; his own words and those of other friends of Pedra Seca, including the poet Rosa Canela and the writer and journalist Rosa Vendrell. His vocation for spreading culture has set a trend. Now there are a group of us who look at the landscape in another way, taking photos, documenting dry-stone sheds, removing weeds, mending a stone that has been moved out of place... collecting proverbs, expressions and stories that make up the soul of these buildings.

"Músics de festa" [Festival Musicians] is a travelling exhibition from the Barcelona Ethnology Museum, organised under the auspices of Cases de la Festa to mark the 2013 Tradicionàrius Festival. The exhibition presents images of traditional musicians who come from all parts of the Països Catalans [Catalan-speaking territories].

The exhibition is accompanied by a selection of traditional Catalan musical instruments from the private collections of the exhibition's creators.

The vitality of popular music has its roots in these images, masters of instruments, melodies and emotions

La patum i altres patrimonis

The exhibition offers a selection of items and concepts from festival makers, the other forms of heritage. Whatever we, as people, are capable of imagining collectively is highly valuable. Culture is a symbolic construction that human beings make. We eat, we sing and we express our emotions according to rules learnt in our families, in groups and in society.
The Catalan-speaking territories are lands of festivals and festival-makers. Several Catalan festivals and traditions, such as the La Patum de Berga, the Misteri d'Elx, the Muixeranga d’Algemesí and the Cant de la Sibil•la de Mallorca etc.