Exhibition loan

The following travelling exhibitions are available, dealing with a variety of popular and traditional culture themes. You can apply to have them shown at your organisation.


La nit de Sant Joan

This exhibition from the Ethnology Museum shows us the various aspects of that extraordinary evening, when we renew our old ties and make new ones, a night where the good cheer of adults is mirrored by the excitement of the very young.

Bonfires, dancing, fireworks, the Canigó Flame, Fallaires del Pirineu, water divining, plant magic, Joanets de l’Aigua, and flirting on the night of Sant Joan... are just a few of the aspects examined in the exhibition

Midsummer's Eve. Can everything concerning Midsummer's Eve be covered and understood? Every year, the summer solstice brings us a night that stretches back to the dawn of memory, embracing the land, its people and the territory and even beyond...

Joan Amades, la memòria del poble

‘Joan Amades, la memòria del poble’ is an exhibition offering an intimate picture of the figure and works of the Catalan folklorist, Joan Amades i Gelats. Several autobiographical notes combined with a selection of photographs, illustrations and a brief narrative discourse help to describe the man who saved many of our country's popular customs and traditions from oblivion. 

Gent de festa

Catalonia, home to a thousand-year-old nation, has a wealth of traditional festivals. Ancient secular rites, customs and traditions of diverse origins survive in Catalonia. Circular dances such as the sardana, of remote Mediterranean origin, and dances originally from the Maghreb, such as the jota. Spectacular elements such as gegants [giants], capgrossos [big-headed figures] and cavallets [people dressed up as horses]...

One of the main features of this exhibition is that it includes contributions typical of each new centre it visits, making it an event that re-creates itself as it travels. Catalonia is a country of festivals where the people play a major role. By watching festivities we gain a better understanding of people.