Festivals and traditions by district

Ciutat Vella

festa major

Festa major del Pi o de Sant Josep Oriol

The Pi neighbourhood's festa major, also known as the Festa de Sant Josep Oriol, is held round 23 March in the streets and squares surrounding the local church, Santa Maria del Pi.

Festa major del Casc Antic

The Coordinadora Festa Major del Casc Antic organises the annual festival in honour of the patron saint. Popular culture is very much alive in these neighbourhoods, so the festival programme has lots of folk and traditional activities.
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Festes del Raval

The Raval festival is organised by the residents' association, the Associació de Veïns del Carme, with a lot of activities that are designed to appeal to all ages and tastes.
festa major

Festes de Sant Roc de la Plaça Nova

The origins of the Festes de Sant Roc in Plaça Nova can be traced back to 1589. According to the documents that have come down to us, that was the year when the festivities were first held.

Festa major de la Barceloneta

The neighbourhood festival, held at the end of September in honour of Sant Miquel, has a number of features that set it apart from the rest, including its decorated streets and the cannon parade.
Festa major de la Rambla

Festa major de la Rambla

The Associació Amics de la Rambla organises the festa major in honour of their patron saint, the Mare de Déu del Roser. They basically hold a mass and offer flowers to the Virgin.