Un quatre de vuit amb folre i...?

Imatge destacada

Quatre de vuit amb folre

Un quatre de vuit amb folre i...?

Human-pyramid activity

For Upper primary education, secondary education and post-compulsory secondary education students

Climbing barefoot on top of a classmate, forming a pinya [ground-level pyramid base] and working as a team, discovering the names of the castellers [human-pyramids] and all the values and skills that come into play when a castell [human pyramid] is deconstructed...

Albert Musons Cultural Centre (Alzina 7, Gràcia); Headquarters of the Castellers de Barcelona human-pyramid group (Bilbao 212). If you would like to hold the workshop in your school, please consult the terms and conditions. 
casesdelafesta@fragment.cat / 608.940.605