Tres Tombs de Barcelona

Sant Antoni, a festival experience in many different ways in Barcelona

With the beginning of the year, carriages and festive fire fill the streets. The festive cycle of Sant Antoni begins, a date marked in red in the calendars of most towns due to the large number of activities that take place: the Tres Tombs, the winter festivals, the Foguerons, the santantonadas ...

In Barcelona we have been doing the Tres Tombs parade for almost two centuries and, over the years, we have come to create dozens of activities around the Sant Antoni festival: the Tres Tombs Infernals and the Tres Tombs de Sant Andreu de Palomar, the main festival of the Sant Antoni neighborhood, the Porkada del Clot, the Foguerons de sa Pobla in Gràcia and, obviously, the Tres Tombs of the city. One of the most prominent folk music festivals in our region is added: the Tradicionàrius, which always begins these days. All these activities make up the Sant Antoni Festive Cycle, one of the most transversal festivals in the city.

And this year, despite everything, we celebrate the party again. A very different party than usual, but equally heartfelt. There will be fire, music, carriages, demons, stories and even an interactive game. But everything must be adapted to the security measures that are marked at all times. It is true that there are activities that have been postponed, such as the bulk of the Sant Antoni festival (which will take place from July 2 to 11), others that still do not know if they can be done or in what format, such as the Porkada del Clot, and some others that have not been programmed, such as the Tres Tombs parades.

But don't worry because the party is alive and has the ability to reconvert itself. Read the program well and you will see how the Foguerons reinvent themselves, the Tres Tombs Infernals are virtualized, the Tres Tombs de Barcelona maintain the spirit and the Tradicionàrius resonates again at CAT.

Surely there is some act prepared for you. Are you ready to find out?

Friday January 15

Inauguration of the 34th edition of the Tradicionàrius International Folk Festival

Every year, the Sant Antoni festive cycle includes the inauguration of the Tradicionàrius, the largest folk music festival in the country. In this extraordinary year, the activities will last until Friday, March 26, with both face-to-face and virtual events.

The inauguration will begin with the Tribute Dance by the dancer Blanca Mostaza, with the accompaniment of the flabiolaire Pau Benítez. The event can be followed in person in the Plaza de Anna Frank, and virtually on the Tradicionàrius Instagram account. In addition, in the lobby of the Center Artesà Tradicionàrius you can visit the exhibition 'Almanac del cordill, 20 anys'.

This will be followed by the opening concert, which is a review of the album 'Almanac', the first album by the historical group La Murga, which aims to bring traditional songs and melodies to a space of dignity, experimentation, risk, respect and dissemination. Veteran musicians will take part, such as Eduard Casals, Sergi Vergés, Jordi Macaya, Saki Guillem, Eliseo Parra and Jordi Fàbregas; along with other newer ones: Cati Plana, Jordi Barbet 'Kami', Iu Boixader and Roger Andorrà.

Location: Center Artesà Tradicionàrius, CAT (Plaza de Anna Frank, s/n)

Timetable: 7.30pm: Tribute Dance; 7.45pm: opening of the exhibition; 8.15pm: concert 'Almanac, 40 years'

Concert price: box office, 12 euros; advance, 10 euros; Friends of CAT, 6 euros.

The Tradicionàrius folk festival will last until March 26. You will find the complete program at:

From January 8 to 30


Have you ever gone to see where the carriages of the Three Tombs are kept? In the Sant Andreu neighborhood you will find the Tres Tombs - Can Fontanet Interpretation Center, a suitable space to store the heritage of this festival and explain its history. It is located in the stables that were part of the Can Fabra factory and, since 2012, it has become the reference center for the study of the Tres Tombs.

Dates: Tuesday to Sunday

Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location: Calle de Sant Adrià, 20

Visits can be arranged by calling 93 360 33 26 or by sending an email to

From January 11 to 23


Every year the colla de diables la Satànica de Sant Andreu organizes a unique representation of the legend of Saint Anthony: the Tres Tombs Infernals. It is a mixture of theatrical show and correfoc, making three tours of the neighborhood. Thus, for more than twenty-five years the entity has explained how Satan tempted Saint Anthony with very earthly pleasures: power, drink and sex. But this year there will be no representation and for that reason two very attractive proposals have been devised to spread the legend of Saint Anthony throughout the neighborhood.

The Tres Tombs Infernals Escàpols

Do you like track games? La Satànica has organized a game in some of the neighborhood stores, in which they will have to solve puzzles or carry out various actions. Each time a test is passed, a key will be received and, having collected all the keys, a small prize will be awarded. Collaborating shops will have some element of the Tres Tombs Infernals in their window, as well as a sign with a QR code from where they can consult the instructions to play.

Dates: From January 11 to 23

Location: Sant Andreu de Palomar neighborhood

The Tres Tombs Infernals Virals

In this atypical edition of the Sant Antoni festival, La Satànica has decided to explain the legend of Saint Anthony and the devil with a very original video. This recording represents a video call between the main characters of the play, with Satan trying to tempt the saint. In addition, the montage includes images from previous years, which want to revive the essence of the act.

The video can be seen on the social networks of La Satànica and the Municipal Center of Popular Culture of Sant Andreu 'Can Galta Cremat'.

Dates: From January 9 at 20.30 h

Location: Youtube. La Satànica

Instagram: @lasatanicasantandreu and @cmcpsa_cangalta_cremat

Facebook: @lasatanica and @cmcpsa


Full programme of the Tres Tombs de Sant Andreu de Palomar 2021

January 12-16

Food collection for the NGO 'De veí a veí'

In this difficult year, collecting food makes more sense than ever. That is why at the Tres Tombs festival this year a merchandise cart will be installed again in the Sant Antoni market. The idea is that, from Tuesday to Saturday, the neighbors deposit groceries in carriages, which will go to the NGO 'De veí a veí', in the Sant Antoni neighborhood.

Location: Sant Antoni Market (Comte d'Urgell street, 1)

Hours: from 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Thursday, January 14

Colloquium: 'Equinoterapia. Cheers, horses and the Tres Tombs'

Equine therapy is an equestrian or horse-assisted therapy that aims to help in the cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of people who have a physical, intellectual or sensory disability, a conduct disorder or a social difficulty. In this round table you will discover, for example, treatments with horses, the relationship between the horse and the patient, the care of horses and the goals of therapy. The colloquium is organized by the Associació de Festes de la Plaça Nova.

With Jordi Hernández, a physiotherapist specialized in horse therapy; Alexandre Pujadas, specialist in horses for therapies; and Andreu Bernadàs, president of the Federació Catalana dels Tres Tombs.

Location: ballroom of the Casa dels Entremesos (Plaza de las Beates, 2)

Hours: 8 p.m.

Free entry, limited places. It is necessary to reserve a place on the web

Friday, January 15

Encounter with the Children's Flaggers of Sant Antoni

This act aims to ensure the continuity of the Sant Antoni festival by explaining to the little ones the tradition of the Tres Tombs. For this reason, the federation has been promoting the figure of children's flag bearers for years. This year the activity is reconverted into a meeting with the children of the Tres Tombs nursery, the CEIP Ferran Sunyer and the Pia de Sant Antoni school, who will contribute their grain of sand to the food collection campaign.

Location: Sant Antoni Market (Comte d'Urgell street, 1)

Hours: 11:10 a.m.

Saturday, January 16

Proclamation of the Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni

Tomorrow is Sant Antoni. Today, in the Pati de Cavalleries de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona, the traditional proclamation of the Tres Tombs will be held, which will be led by Xavier Cordomí, a cultural activist who, in his long career in the world of Barcelona festivals and traditions, has helped to create the current format of the festival of San Antonio Abad. The event will be chaired by Mrs. Laia Bonet, deputy of Barcelona City Council, and Mr. Andreu Bernadàs, president of the Federació dels Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni. It can only be accessed with prior invitation.

Location: Pati de Cavalleries of the Barcelona City Council (Plaça de Sant Jaume, 1)

Hours: 11.30 a.m.

Saturday, 16 and Sunday, January 17

Exhibition of cars and carriages of the Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni

The Tres Tombs tradition has centuries of history in our country. A good example of this is the long life of the city's parade: it is already 195 years old. Cataloged as a Heritage Festival of National Interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya, it faithfully recalls the activities that our ancestors did. But this year the traditional animal pass through the city center will not be possible. Horses, donkeys and shallow ones will have to wait until next year to parade again, although we can experience the festive atmosphere up close with the great exhibition of urban, transport, merchandise and agricultural carriages and carriages. The exhibition will give value to these spectacular structures, always following sanitary measures, such as limiting the capacity of visitors. The carriage with the image of San Antonio Abad will preside over the stop.

Location: Ronda de Sant Antoni, between Urgell and Tamarit streets

Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Free entry, limited capacity


Tres Tombs of Barcelona programme 2021

Although it was incorporated recently, the Porkada del Clot has already made a place in the festive cycle of Sant Antoni. Throughout the morning there are popular events and in the afternoon music, tapas and fire. Every year the party ends with a correfoc with pieces of imagery representing pig-breed animals, such as the Pork del Clot.

This year we will not be able to enjoy the Porkada, but we remember it with a video from other years. Click here and discover it!

Friday, January 15

Inauguration of the exhibition 'Cartells de sa Pobla a Gràcia'

In the twenty-nine years that the tradition of the Foguerons de Sant Antoni de sa Pobla in Gràcia has lasted, a good handful of posters have been made to announce them. If you want to see them all together, visit this exhibition that will be held at the headquarters of the Fundació Festa Major de Gràcia!

Dates: from January 15 to February 2

Location: Espai Albert Musons (calle de l'Alzina, 9)

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 4 pm to 8 pm; Friday, from 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Free entry

Thursday, January 28

Presentation of the book 'Calendari Folklòric de Mallorca. Tardor'

This year the CAT presents the book 'Calendari Folklòric de Mallorca. Tardor', based on the handwritten annotations of the folklorist Rafel Ginard. The work has been in charge of Andreu Ramis and Miquel Sbert. All of this is part of a project by the Fundació Mallorca Literària in co-edition with Saïm Edicions.

Location: Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius (Plaza de Anna Frank, s / n)

Hours: 6 p.m.

Free entry with prior reservation

Concert 'Llavors de fonoll'

This recital starts from the annotations of Rafel Ginard in his 'Calendari Folklòric' and becomes a dialogue between the oral tradition of the fifties of the 20th century and the sharp language of the young glossers of the 21st century. Natàlia Tascón, Carles Seguí and Miquel Àngel Adrover take part in an interactive show that involves the audience in the experience of exploring these lands dotted with aromatic seeds.

Location: Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius (Plaza de Anna Frank, s / n)

Hours: 7 p.m.

Free entry with prior reservation

'Oda a la sobrassada' and glossed

Food and music are two excellent ways to delve into a culture. That is why the evening will close with the classic 'Oda a la sobrassada' and a small gloss.

Location: Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius (Plaza de Anna Frank, s / n)

Hours: 8 p.m.

Free entry with prior reservation

Friday, January 29

Conference: 'The immaterial cultural heritage. A vision from the Illes'

This colloquium will be in charge of Andreu Ramis, president of the Council of Popular Culture of Les Illes.

Location: Violeta de Gràcia (calle de Maspons, 6)

Hours: 6.15pm

Free entry. limited capacity

Presentation of the album 'Arasíquesí', by Biel Majoral

The singer Biel Majoral publishes his fourth solo album, a song to freedom entitled 'Arasíquesí'. In this album, his repertoire experiences tradition, reinventing tunes and classics. The artist listens to the land and maintains a passionate romance that gives him the emotional and intellectual complicity necessary to formulate answers to the most difficult questions. Numerous musicians and a luxurious instrumental ensemble will take part in the concert, with guitars, clarinets, oboe, flute, euphonium, trombone, violin, double bass, piano, bass and percussions.

Location: Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius (CAT, Plaza de Anna Frank, s / n)

Hours: 8 p.m.

Concert price: box office, 15 euros; advance, 12 euros

Saturday, January 30

Traditional Mallorcan puppets

The 'teresetes' are the traditional Mallorcan puppets and it has already become a tradition that every year there is a show in Gràcia. This year the Binixiflat company, by Gabriel Porcel, will perform the play 'En Pere de sa plaça'.

Location: La Violeta de Gràcia Popular Culture Center (6, Maspons street)

Hours: 12 h

Price of the work: 5 euros

Limited capacity. It is recommended to reserve a place by sending an email to