Tres Tombs de Barcelona

Sant Antoni, a festival experience in many different ways in Barcelona

At the beginning of January, the festive cycle of Sant Antoni arrives. It is the saint that opens the Week of the Bearded, which the popular voice says is the coldest of the year. There are many festivals and traditions that surround these first weeks of the year: the Tres Tombs, the winter patron saint festivals, the Foguerons...

And in Barcelona, ​​various neighborhoods organize themselves to prepare a cycle full of activities that will awaken all your senses. You should pay attention to listen to the music of the 'ximbombes' that sounds on the edge of the bonfires, let yourself be surprised by the acts of the Sant Antoni Festival and be amazed by the carriages that parade through the Tres Tombs.

After a year with little activity, the entities return to the streets to gradually recover normality, with the Foguerons in Gràcia; the Festival of Sant Antoni; the Tres Tombs of Sant Andreu and the Tres Tombs of Barcelona. More than thirty activities over three weeks, spread over seven districts of the city. We still won't be able to enjoy the Tres Tombs Infernals (which have been postponed until Saturday, March 26) or the Porkada del Clot.

Delve into this programming and choose your favorite act.

More than 50 activities and 60 groups and artists make up the program for this 2022 that is loaded with reinterpreted dance music, electronic music, traditional song from different perspectives, humor, vitality and new formats.

Concerts, Tradicionàrius in the Palau and in L'Auditori, Trad de autor, traDDigital, Arrel d'escenari, Traditional dances, Family Trad, Foguerons de Sant Antoni in Gràcia, Wednesday Vespers, documentary premieres, book presentations, Folk in the Markets, Tradicionàrius al Territori and exhibitions will be the main programming blocks that we propose for this #tradicionàrius35.

You will find the complete program at:

From January 14 to 30


Have you ever gone to see where the carriages of the Three Tombs are kept? In the Sant Andreu neighborhood you will find the Tres Tombs - Can Fontanet Interpretation Center, a suitable space to store the heritage of this festival and explain its history. It is located in the stables that were part of the Can Fabra factory and, since 2012, it has become the reference center for the study of the Tres Tombs.

Dates: Tuesday to Sunday

Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location: Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20

Visits can be arranged by calling 93 360 33 26 or by sending an email to

Sunday, January 16

Cavalcade of the Three Tombs of Sant Andreu de Palomar

The agricultural past of the Sant Andreu de Palomar neighborhood is evident during the Tres Tombs parade, which this year will take place on the eve of Sant Antoni day. It is the first of the two that are made in the city and you will find the lancers of the Urban Guard, marching bands, horses, riders, riders and all kinds of carriages: buggies, saloons, tartanas, phaetons, muleteers ... Upon reaching the Paseo de Fabra i Puig, the parade takes three laps between Calle Gran de Sant Andreu and Calle Concepció Arenal.


10 am: Concentration at the Fabra i Coats venue

11.30 am: Departure

12 pm: Blessing

Route: Sant Adrià street - Segre - Torras i Bages (to Valentí Iglesias street) - Torras i Bages - Segre - Virgili - Onze de Setembre - Fabra i Puig (Tres Tombs between Gran de Sant Andreu and Concepció Arenal streets)

Spaces reserved for people with disabilities: Passeig de Fabra i Puig (at the height of Neopatria street) and passeig de Torras i Bages (at the height of Malats street).

Saturday, January 22

The parade of the Tres Tombs of the city, held since 1826, is one of the most popular events of all those that take place throughout the year in Barcelona. It is made up of numerous carriages with horses and donkeys, which run through various streets of the Sant Antoni neighborhood and the city centre. The parade will start at 10:30 a.m. from Tamarit street with Paral·lel avenue and, at 11 a.m., in front of the Pia school, the proclamation of the Tres Tombs will be read, by Vicenç Gasca i Grau, a resident of the neighborhood, businessman and merchant. Next, the blessing of the animals will be held in front of the Pia de Sant Antoni school.

Route: Tamarit – Comte Borrell (Sant Antoni Market) – Parlament – ​​Sant Pau roundabout – Urgell – Tamarit – Villarroel – Floridablanca street – Sant Antoni roundabout – Universitat square - Pelai - la Rambla (descending) - Hospital - square del Pedró - Sant Antoni - Manso (until Paral·lel avenue)

Hours: from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Composition of the cavalcade:

  1. Vehicles, motorcycles and cars of the Urban Guard.
  2. Urban Guard Lancers.
  3. Carriage-chapel with the figure of Sant Antoni.
  4. Seventeen horsemen as the official retinue of the Three Tombs. They will carry the Sant Antoni pawns.
  5. Representatives of the Mossos d'Esquadra.
  6. Horses and banner representing the groups of Sant Medir.
  7. Official carriage of the Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni in Barcelona, ​​​​with the presidents of the organizing entities and authorities.
  8. Four carriages from the organizing entities, with their respective banners and flags (Arca de Noè, Associació de Veïns del Barri de Sant Antoni, Germandat de Sant Antoni Abat and Sant Antoni Comerç).
  9. Carriages of various associations and political parties.
  10. Carriages of Barcelona entities and associations.
  11. Urban carriages: funeral services carriage, funeral services saloon, Estrella Damm carriage and cleaning carriage (sweeper).
  12. Carriages representing the Three Tombs of Catalonia.
  13. Participating horseback riders.
  14. Cleaning vehicles and road closure vehicles.

You must follow the current prevention measures for Covid-19.

Program of the Three Tombs of Barcelona 2022 (in Catalan).

Although it was incorporated recently, the Porkada del Clot has already made a place in the festive cycle of Sant Antoni. Throughout the morning there are popular events and in the afternoon music, tapas and fire. Every year the party ends with a correfoc with pieces of imagery representing pig-breed animals, such as the Pork del Clot.

This year we will not be able to enjoy the Porkada, but we remember it with a video from other years. Click here and discover it!

The Sa Pobla in Gràcia Bonfires will be burning once again on Saturday 29 January at 11 locations in the district. Last year they were suspended because of Covid-19. In addition, various events and activities have been lined up to introduce you toe Mallorcan culture.

On the final weekend in January, Gràcia will be reviving the Sa Pobla Bonfires, a Mallorcan tradition that came to Vila de Gràcia thanks to a father who wanted to pass it on to his children. The festival is a spectacular event, where bonfires, flabiol pipers, friction drums, “glossadors” and folk singers are the stars. What’s more, every year this festival is a meeting point for Mallorcans and Gràcia residents.

For three decades now, during the last weekend in January, the streets and squares of the old town Vila de Gràcia are packed with bonfires which have become the unofficial Gràcia winter festival.

Summary of activities:

Monday, 17 January

Fundació Festa Major de Gràcia, Espai Albert Musons, Carrer de l’Alzina, 9
5 pm. Exhibition ‘30 Posters for Sa Pobla in Gràcia’, on until 2 February. Visiting times are Monday to Thursday from 4 pm to 8 pm and Friday from 10 am to 1.30 pm. Free admission.

Wednesday, 26 January

Fundació Festa Major de Gràcia, Espai Albert Musons, Carrer de l’Alzina, 9
7 pm. Friction drum course run by Catalina Canyelles.
Free course with advance booking at

Thursday, 27 January

Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius, Plaça d’Anna Frank, n/n
7 pm. Presentation of the 2021 Joan Amades Award to Antoni Torrens Gost, organised by the Associació Cultural Joan Amades.

8 pm. Mallorcan Food Tasting and Improvised Poetry/Folk Song Evening (Glossada)
“Glosa” ‘Ode to sobrassada’ presented by Alicia Olivares and “glosada” with “Glosadors” and “Glosadores” from the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, such as Catalina Canyelles and Cor de Carxofa. Mallorcan take-away product tasting session. A chance to discover the food of the islands, such as the “sobrassada”, “botifarró” and “camallot” sausages. Exhibition ‘St Anthony, the Winter Festival’, Museu Etnològic. Espai Mallorca bookshop stop. Free admission.

Friday, 28 January

Centre de Cultura Popular La Violeta de Gràcia, Carrer de Maspons, 6
6.15 pm. Summer solstice of young Mediterranean poets. Poetry reading. Fundació ACA – Àrea de Creació Acústica.
Free admission.

Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius, Plaça Anna Frank, n/n
6.30 pm. “Ball de bot” (Majorcan folk dance) workshop with Jordi Cardona.
8.30 pm. Concert with Mar Grimalt and Ball de bot with Es Gall de sa Pastera.
Ticket in advance €10, at the box office €12.


Saturday, 29 January

11 am. Putting up the bonfires.
Start of cultural activities.
Places del Diamant, de la Virreina, del Nord i de Gato Pérez – Fraternitat de Baix Carrers de Verdi, Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot, Llibertat, Fraternitat de Dalt, Puigmartí, Berga and Progrés.

Centre de Cultura Popular La Violeta de Gràcia, Carrer de Maspons, 6
12 pm. Puppet theatre (teresetes) Es Jai se sa barraqueta, with the Teresetes Mitjorn company.
Tickets: €5, free for under-3s.

Gràcia markets: Abaceria, Llibertat, Lesseps and Estrella
12 pm. Folk at the Markets route round Gràcia’s markets with the “glosadors” and “xeremiers” (folk singers and bagpipers) from Mallorca and Catalonia.

Plaça de la Vila
7 pm. Human tower display from the Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia.
7.30 pm. Folk club presentation in the square.
Music from the pipers Xeremiers de Mallorca and from the flabiols and bagpipes of La Sacairada.
Presentation of the participating groups.

8 pm. Start of the street parade (“cercavila”) from Plaça de la Vila to Plaça de la Virreina.
Route: Plaça de la Vila, Carrers Penedès, Puigmartí, Torrijos and Plaça Virreina.

Plaça de la Virreina
9 pm. Lighting of the bonfires and start of the evening festivities with the Sa Pobla friction drums and glossadors and a Mallorcan food tasting session.
11 pm. Mallorcan folks songs and dancing with music and dance from Es Gall de sa Pastera and Abeniara.

Plaça del Diamant
9.15 pm. Lighting of the bonfires and start of the evening festivities with verse, song and music from the Sa Pobla friction drummers,glossadors from Mallorca and Catalonia, Cor de Carxofa, and bagpipers. Carrers Verdi, Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot, Llibertat, Fraternitat de Dalt, Puigmartí, Berga, Fraternitat de Baix – Plaça Gato Pérez and Plaça del Nord.

Sunday, 30 January

Centre de Cultura Popular La Violeta de Gràcia, Carrer Maspons, 6
12 pm. Puppet theatre (teresetes) El gegant sempre té gana from the Binixiflat company. Tickets: €5, free for under-3s.

The festival of Sant Antoni shares the calendar with the so-called week of the bearded men, reputed to be the coldest week of the year. But in the Eixample neighborhood these days are full of joy, music, traditions, sports, theater and many activities to enjoy as a family with the little ones. Some of the events foreseen in the initial program have had to be canceled due to the health situation.

From January 14 to 23, the Sant Antoni Festival invites us to 130 events, 22 of them for children's programming, in 25 different spaces in the neighborhood.

The first act of the program will be the Sant Antoni-La Model bicycle, the route to different schools in the area accompanied by the Urban Guard that was launched with great success at the beginning of the school year. At night there will be bonfires, the «foguerons», on Mistral avenue.

Saturday 15 is the day of the proclamation, which will be in charge of those responsible for the REIS (School Reinforcement and Social Integration) service and the El Triangle theater group, and then the opening parade, which will leave the Alguer gardens.

Other outstanding events will be the 43rd Moritz Sant Antoni Race and the Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni parade. The Festival will end on the 23rd with the entourage through the neighborhood, the family bike ride and mechanical workshops and helmet decoration, in addition to the acts of fire, the infernal drumming, the diabolical verses and the correfoc.

Here you will find the entire program.