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The 700-year-old festival of Corpus Christi is back

Corpus Christi, one of the oldest events on the Barcelona calendar of festivals and traditions, is returning to the city, filling it with flowers as well as cultural and recreational activities.

What do we celebrate on Whit Monday?

Monday 6 June is Whit Monday, a festival that is not celebrated in the same way throughout Catalonia. As each local authority can chose, some make it a public holiday but others don’t.

22 things you didn’t know about the Sant Ponç Fair

It's quite strange that a dynamic and modern city such as Barcelona should maintain an ancestral tradition like the Sant Ponç Fair, which is being held on 10 May in Carrer de l’Hospital.

Twenty things you didn’t know about the Mona de Pasqua

The range of monas on offer in Catalonia is much more varied than it appears at first sight, and goes beyond the more commercial trends. Would you like to know more about this custom, whose origins and meaning are uncertain?

Four different kinds of mona for our most deeply-rooted Easter tradition

The range of mona cakes on offer in our country is very varied and goes beyond the more commercial trends. Next to the characters most popular with children, you can find chocolate eggs of all sizes, spectacular creations that look like sculptures...