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Porca de Sant Antoni

Here's What's New for the 2020 Sant Antoni Festa Major

Annual festival. From 18 to 26 January, the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni celebrates the first of the city's annual festivals. This year, the daughter of La Porca, who turns 25 years old, will be presented!

What does Candlemas celebrate?

Candlemas, which falls on 2 February, right in the middle of winter, marks the end of the Christmas cycle. But why is it a festival with such strong roots? Is it religious or is there a pagan background? What part do candles play in it?

Sant Antoni Abat, president of the ‘Setmana dels Barbuts’

Mid-January brings some of the coldest days of the year, a period which has been popularly dubbed as the ‘Setmana dels Barbuts’ [week of the bearded ones]. The days of 15, 16 an 17 January have come to be termed thus as the iconography representing...

Candlemas is our marmot day

Candlemas has always been regarded as an ideal day for forecasting the weather, especially how many days of cold are left. Si la Candelera plora, l’hivern és fora; si la Candelera riu, l’hivern és viu is a well-known Catalan saying.