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Fourth edition of Cod Route

Cod, the star of Lent cooking

Traditionally Lent has been represented as an old woman with seven legs, brandishing a salted cod in one hand and carrying a basket full of vegetables in the other. The produce she has in her hands give us lots of clues about what people eat around...

Three different versions of the legend of St Eulalia

Despite the most commonly associated number with the legend of St Eulalia being 13, in Barcelona there are a total of three different versions of the saint’s life and miracles: with two dances and a night guided tour.

How is Carnival celebrated in other parts of the world?

Battles of Oranges in Italy, fritters in the United States, multitudinous parades in Bolivia... Some features of the Barcelona carnival are reflected in other carnivals around the world. Would you like to know more?

What does Candlemas celebrate?

Candlemas, which falls on 2 February, right in the middle of winter, marks the end of the Christmas cycle. But why is it a festival with such strong roots? Is it religious or is there a pagan background? What part do candles play in it?