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Candlemas is our marmot day

Candlemas has always been regarded as an ideal day for forecasting the weather, especially how many days of cold are left. Si la Candelera plora, l’hivern és fora; si la Candelera riu, l’hivern és viu is a well-known Catalan saying.

How to properly bid farewell to 2023

New Year's Eve. A big show with almost 500 drones in Reina Maria Cristina avenue celebrates the entry into the new year with a chant to life and to the importance of marine resources.

Holy Innocents Day, when a tragedy turns into a joke

One of the festival’s best-known features are its “llufas” (paper dolls), which, while on the wane these days, are still an icon. Even so, there are areas where practical jokes have survived, especially in the media and on social networks.