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Fire festival glossary.

In a fire-devil group, what is a 'botafoc'? Like any other area of popular culture, the world of fire has an extremely rich vocabulary, used to describe its own particular features.

Definitive guide for casteller vocabulary

What do castellers [human tower builder] mean when they shout ‘Dóna’m pit?’ What is a carro gros? And a catedral? The casteller world has a rich vocabulary all of its own which, apart from the most frequently used words, can sometimes sound a little...

What do the words to the Gegants del Pi song mean?

The song about the Gegants del Pi is undoubtedly the most widely-known of all the songs about giants in the country. If we look at the words carefully though, we see they have a rather strange meaning. What exactly do they mean?

‘Fer Pasqua abans de Rams’ plus 23 proverbs and sayings about Easter

Easter is one of the biggest festivals on the calendar so there are quite a few proverbs and sayings that describe it. Some talk about the celebrations, while others talk about food, how changeable the weather is and how it’s better if Easter is in...

Twelve Easter traditions from around the world

Easter is a religious period that is celebrated throughout the Christian world in a wide variety of ways. There are processions, pagan rituals, modern traditions, other strange traditions of uncertain origin... Do you want to know more?

Four different kinds of mona for our most deeply-rooted Easter tradition

The range of mona cakes on offer in our country is very varied and goes beyond the more commercial trends. Next to the characters most popular with children, you can find chocolate eggs of all sizes, spectacular creations that look like sculptures...

Twenty things you didn’t know about the Mona de Pasqua

The range of monas on offer in Catalonia is much more varied than it appears at first sight, and goes beyond the more commercial trends. Would you like to know more about this custom, whose origins and meaning are uncertain?