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What ever happened to the Sant Pere revetlla?

While the festival is still very much alive in other Catalan towns and cities, it has lost popularity in Barcelona. Nowadays, there is only two places that holds a Sant Pere revetlla: the Farinera del Clot Cultural Centre.

Twenty things you didn’t know about Sant Joan flat cake

Cocas made with fruit and pine nuts, accompanied by a good cava or muscatel wine, are an essential part of the eve of Sant Joan. And, as with any traditional food, “coca” has a long history behind it, packed with stories and variations well worth...

The 'Nit de Sant Joan', a festival unchanged in over 500 years

When we say the 'Nit de Sant Joan' is one of the city's oldest festivals, we're not saying it just for the sake of it: the basic elements – lighting bonfires, throwing firecrackers and filling the public space – have remained unchanged since the...