City commitment to combat the mistreatment of animals

In its session of 23 December 2020, the Full Council approved an institutional declaration subscribing to the Teguise Pact to combat violence towards animals.

23/12/2020 15:57 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The first institutional declaration read out in December’s full meeting reaffirmed the city’s commitment to the protection of animals against all types of mistreatment or cruelty. The declaration confirmed the city’s adhesion to the Teguise Pact to unite the animal rights social network and the civil and political society against violence towards animals.

The pact was created following the violent death of an animal in the town of Teguise (Canary Islands) in August 2020. It calls for a change to legislation to strengthen the legal mechanisms for combatting mistreatment and preventing violence towards animals.

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