Greater impact by ‘In-forma’t’, the campaign on academic options for young people

‘In-forma’t’ offers young people a chance to discover all the education and training options to take them towards their academic and professional future. This thirteenth edition of the campaign offered 220 online and face-to-face activities, notching up nearly 19,000 uses and requests, handling 7,553 enquiries from youngsters and providing personalised academic in 260 cases.

22/06/2021 16:34 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This year, despite the complexity of carrying out activities with the pandemic in full swing, the thirteenth edition was held from 26 January to 25 March. The main organisers, the Young People’s Academic Advice Centre (CAAJ) and Barcelona’s infoJOVE services, adapted much of the programme to adopt a virtual format.

With the campaign over, the infoJOVE services and the CAAJ continue to handle academic queries and offer young people face-to-face and virtual advice.

A total of 220 activities and 19,000 uses and enquiries

Without overlooking the difficulty and exceptional nature of the situation, the virtual format allowed In-forma’t to reach a broader audience, overcoming physical barriers and time restraints. At the same time, the campaign offered a library of sessions, pre-recorded conversations with professionals and other digital resources which are available beyond the campaign dates and are or great use for professionals working with and for young people.

By combining face-to-face activities with virtual ones, and with 220 workshops and capsules completed, the initiative significantly increased its reach to 11,669 uses (counting the total number of attendees in person and remotely at both live sessions and pre-recorded ones).

In addition to these figures, further merit lies in the 7,270 views achieved by the star contribution for In-forma’t 2021, its digital academic guidance material!

  • This includes the further education guide Què vull fer? (constantly being updated, a hard copy of the guide was offered to young people with difficulty accessing the internet, while QR-code access to the website version was distributed via 60,000 postcards around 250 secondary schools).
  • This year also includes the following audio-visuals: four video tutorials ‘I ara què?’ (on different academic paths after secondary school, baccalaureate and vocational training) and three infographic clipsQui soc i què m’agrada’ (with reflections and resources on self-awareness and decision-making in the academic sphere).

The campaign content was adapted to the new reality for young people resulting from the pandemic, with special emphasis on aspects such as emotional management, new training in emergent sectors and the recognition of academic qualifications for young people opting to return from a stay abroad.

The campaign involved 79 collaborators, including schools, businesses and organisations. In parallel, the campaign saw 7,553 enquiries from young people (in person and via the virtual guidance app), with personalised academic advice provided in nearly 260 cases (online and in person).


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