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The joint commission between Barcelona City Council and the Catalan government is the main coordinating body between the two governments and is established in the Barcelona Municipal Charter. The first meeting for this term of office was held today, setting out a timetable for approving the additional charge to the tourist tax and definitively delegating responsibility for the Port Olímpic to the City Council. Barcelona City Council has also asked for urgent action to fund nursery schools.

25/11/2019 18:03 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The first joint meeting between Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia since the last municipal elections reached agreements on managing tourism, infrastructures and education. The last meeting of the Joint Commission, a body set out by the Barcelona Municipal Charter, was held on 25 July 2018.

Management of the tourist tax

The coordinating body between both administrations agreed to set a timetable for approving the municipal collection of tax on overnight stays in tourist accommodation (IEET). This tax is paid by people when they stay in hotels, apartments and other types of regulated tourist accommodation. It is an autonomous regional tax and part of the money raised is redistributed among the municipalities that administer it. The deal comes after September’s full council meeting agreed to call on the Government of Catalonia to amend the tourist tax so that an extra change can be added, taxing overnight stays at city establishments and also the disembarkation of cruise ship passengers.

Delegation of responsibility for the Port Olímpic

The meeting also made progress on the transfer of responsibility to the City Council for an extendable period of thirty years, as from 30 April 2020. Taking back control of the Port Olímpic will enable the city to leave behind the nightlife model which caters for tourists, which has generated problems with social harmony, safety and hours of rest for local people, and instead turn the area into a hub for sports activities, dissemination and gastronomy linked to the sea.

Funding for nursery schools

Both administrations have agreed to create a working commission on nursery school funding to reduce the accumulated debt that the Catalan government has with the City Council, which currently stands at over 25 million euros.


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