Over 7 million euros for a hundred cooperation and education projects for global justice

The provisional resolution on subsidies for cooperation and education projects for global justice will mean nearly half of the projects put forward should get funding (112 out of 225). In all, more than 7 million euros will be given to projects in fifteen countries, to promote gender justice, human rights, the fight against Covid-19 and more.

13/09/2021 15:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

By category, the 112 projects by organisations to get funding from Barcelona City Council are grouped into three programmes:

  • International cooperation programme for global justice: 44.
  • International cooperation programme for specific cities: 14.
  • Education programme for global justice: 54.

The projects on the education programme which are being carried out in Barcelona are mainly linked to the promotion of gender justice, food sovereignty, ethical and solidarity finance, the culture of peace, the migration crisis and the defence of human rights.

Notable international projects include the promotion of LGBTIQ+ rights in Senegal and Colombia; the prevention of violent radicalisation among young people in Tetuan; the protection of human rights activists in Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala; the strengthening of the right to public health in Nairobi; the fight against Covid-19 in Maputo; the promotion of cultural rights in Havana, and support for the implementation of the peace agreements in Colombia.

The countries where the various projects are being carried out are, by quantity: Colombia (16), occupied Palestine territory (8), El Salvador (5), Morocco (5), Mozambique (5), Senegal (5), Lebanon (3), Cuba (2), Tunisia (2), Bolivia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, Niger and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The sum of 7.07 million euros once again fulfils the commitment to devote 0.7% of the municipal budget to global justice projects and the development of the poorest countries.

The provisional resolution for the subsidy call, published on 9 September, can be found here. The resolution will stand providing the applicant organisation does not lodge any challenge and has not been required to provide accrediting documents.


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