Nearly 100,000 people now using the home telecare service

The number of safety terminals installed in people’s homes has doubled in a year, with over 20,000 units, the aim being to improve the quality of life and autonomy of senior citizens, dependent people and those with functional diversity. The service has almost 100,000 users, 70% of them women with an average age of 83.

26/02/2019 18:22 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

New users are signing up for the City Council’s home telecare service at a rate of thirteen people a day. The service has an average rating of 9.4 (out of 10) among users and closed out the year having provided support for 99,789 people, the highest figure since it was set up in 2005.

From telephones to geolocalisation

The main means of communication for users is the telephone. In 2018 the service handled 661,768 calls, mostly monitoring, agendas or reminders.

Besides phones, the service enables safety terminals to be installed in people’s homes to provide a swift response to potential emergencies or to carry out preventative action in situations of insecurity, isolation or loneliness.

In 2018, some 20,323 of terminals were distributed, mostly smoke detectors, gas detectors and mobility sensors. Since last year, 290 people have been using Mimal, a telecare device with a geolocalisation capability to improve monitoring of those with cognitive deterioration should there be an emergency or should they become disorientated.

Excellent ratings

Users give the service an average score of 9.4 and 81.9% of them rate it as excellent. According to the 800 interviews conducted last year, 97% value the sensation of safety and calm, the support provided and being able to carry on living autonomously. Some 80% of users say they wear a panic button enabling them to call for help in an emergency and 95% think the device is simple to use.

Anybody officially residing in Barcelona and over the age of 75, recognised as dependent or with accredited functional diversity, can apply for the telecare service free of charge. People with medical reports or reports from social services indicating suitability can also apply.


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