A roadmap to shake up the food system and make it fairer, more sustainable and transparent

The Barcelona Healthy and Sustainable Food Strategy 2030 is an eight-year commitment to transform the city’s food system and make it more sustainable, benefitting citizens, the local area and the planet. The strategy is a consensual initiative between different stakeholders in the food chain and one of the positive results from the city being the world sustainable food capital in 2021.

28/11/2022 15:19 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Barcelona Healthy and Sustainable Food Strategy 2030 consists of 9 main goals, 54 areas of work and 265 specific actions coordinated with the various stakeholders in the food system.

It also includes 11 goals to accomplish by 2030, such as doubling the consumption of organic local produce, halving food waste, adopting sustainable food criteria to change menus at schools and reducing obesity in the city.

Main goals

  1. Increase the production, sale and consumption of seasonal produce, local organic produce, sustainable fishing and animal welfare criteria, as well as shorter, fairer and better-balanced supply chains.
  2. Protect, recover and promote urban and semi-urban agriculture.
  3. Promote healthy and sustainable food for all.
  4. Boost the resilience of the food system and guarantee the right to healthy and sustainable food.
  5. Prevent losses and food waste.
  6. Combat the climate emergency and extinction crisis.
  7. Promote cultural and educational change regarding sustainable food.
  8. Foster fair relations within the food chain.
  9. Coordinate and mobilise stakeholders in the food system to pursue specific assessable actions linked to existing strategies.

Participatory process to develop the strategy

Over a thousand people took part in the process to develop the Barcelona Health and Sustainable Food Strategy 2030, promoted by the City Council. Between November 2021 and July 2022, there were 23 face-to-face and online working sessions involving members of the pubic, representatives from the farming sector, commerce, municipal markets, bars and restaurants, administrations, organisations in the food sector, academics and researchers.

See the executive summary for the Barcelona Health and Sustainable Food Strategy 2030 here.


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