Sharing cities agreement to regulate collaborative digital platforms

A total of 48 cities will be taking part in the Sharing Cities Summit, to be held from 12 to 15 November as part of the Smart City Expo World Congress. The cities will form a new common front to negotiate with major platforms and guarantee their economic activity is compatible with the right to live in cities, as well as promoting and sharing alternatives based on socially responsible models.

08/11/2018 12:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The so-called platform economy, based on communities of users who collaborate between them via a digital platform, is mushrooming and becoming a priority for governments all over the world due to the strong impact it has on life and economic development in cities.

Given the need to address this new situation, the cities taking part in the summit will be presenting a joint declaration on 12 November to regulate the platform economy and identify those using a collaborative economy model. The goal is de define the common denominator for initiatives with a socially responsible model of democratic governance, with open knowledge policies, open technology and a positive social and environmental impact, as well as companies which don’t have this despite operating comparable platforms.

The purpose of the declaration is thus to establish digital protocols and standards to ensure that regulations in each city are abided by, setting out mechanisms for fines where regulations and not met.

The declaration will be accompanied with an action plan to implement the principles agreed on during the first year. The plan envisages an office based in Barcelona through which cities can share information, strategies and common negotiation frameworks.

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